Car Battery Guide: Different Types, Sizes, Voltages and Prices

Car Battery Guide: Different Types, Sizes, Voltages and Prices

The car battery is an essential part of the engine life cycle and the good mileage too. There are many reasons behind a good mileage for a used car and the good car battery is one of them.  Let’s explore the several battery types and see which battery is used for which purpose and which is the best one among all. In this complete battery guide ,you are going to know different car battery types based on their sizes, terminal types and voltages. Different car batteries have their different prices as well.

List of Car Battery Types

Following is a list of major car battery types depending upon several factors like terminal types, sizes, voltages and their purposes. 

1- Traditional Wet Batteries 

  • Deep Cycle Batteries
  • SLI Batteries (Start, Lighting and Ignition)

2- Lead Acid Batteries

  • GEL Batteries
  • AGM Batteries

Traditional Wet Batteries

Man showing the SLI battery

Traditional wet batteries are among the older ones in the list of several car battery types. Their structure consists of several semi solid electrolytes having water as electrolyte in them. They require some maintenance after a regular period because the water is evaporated and you have to refill it. You should always use distilled water to refill the electrolytes. 

Deep Cycle Batteries

Deep cycle batteries provide a stable charging that may last for much longer than normal car batteries. Majorly, they are used in the marine industry for providing long lasting battery time. They are rechargeable. 

SLI Batteries

SLI (start, lighting and ignition) batteries can be defined by their name. They help in starting a car and then they provide help in the ignition and the lights of the car. They are not rechargeable batteries and they need to be replaced once they are done.

Lead Acid Batteries

Lead Acid Batteries

Lead acid batteries are among the advanced types of car batteries and their terminals. They are tightly sealed because they treat lead and acid as an electrolyte which is a highly flammable and risky one;however, it provides a great booster to the car engine. They provide an obvious better performance but they are unrepairable

GEL Batteries

Gel batteries are highly portable batteries that can be placed anywhere in a car. They provide better overall performance than the wet batteries and they are highly resistant to excessive heat, vibrations or any kind of excessive temperature fluctuations because their electrolyte is a gel. They are slightly more expensive than other traditional batteries but they are worthy. 

AGM Batteries

Absorbed glass mat batteries are more durable as they are made with thin glass matt with a thin sheet of fiber. They are highly durable, spill proof and they have a high performing capacity. Due to their smart structure, they charge quickly. 

Types of Car Battery Terminals

There are several car battery terminals types with different shapes. Few of the most popular car battery terminal types are listed below:

  1. SAE Terminals ( Most common battery terminals. Positive polar is always bigger)
  2. Stud Terminals ( Threaded stainless steel terminal designed for a quick connection )
  3. JIS Terminals   ( Mostly used in Japanese cars. Just like SAE, +ve is larger than -ve )
  4. Button Terminal( They are also called insert terminals. Mostly used in AGM batteries)
  5.  Dual Post Terminal( They can either be tightened in ring position or can be pressed too)

Car Battery Size Chart

You must consult a proper chart about car batteries and the terminals before buying a specific battery for your car. A proper car battery size chart must include all the car battery types according to the terminals, voltages and the prices as well. Buying a most compatible battery for your car makes your car in good shape. You must consult all of the car maintenance tips and tricks before buying a certain car battery.

Car Battery Prices and Costs

Car Battery Prices and Costs

Normally a car battery price ranges between 150$ to 300$ depending on the particular type. There are several factors defining a particular car battery’s price and cost. The various car battery prices depend upon different terminals, different voltages, different electrolytes, different sizes and the different ignition features. 

Car Battery Replacement Price

The average car battery replacement price lies between 100$ to 150$ depending upon several factors. Many types of car batteries won’t need to be urgently replaced, instead they can be refilled or repaired;however, most of the new types of car batteries need replacement due to any mishap like leakage or dilution of the electrolyte due to automatic car wash. Before going for an auto car wash, please consult a proper article on an automatic car wash, good or bad?

Where to Get Cheap Car Batteries?

There are several online stores available on Amazon or Alibaba where you can find cheap car batteries at a bulk price;however, if you want only one or two pieces then you need to consult your local wholesale market. There are several auto dealers who provide special offers to buy cheap batteries along with some other auto parts. You can consult any of them. 

What Type of Battery is in My Car?

You should consult the battery’s slip/chip to gather some unique information like the battery’s group number, size and terminal types of your battery. Then you must consult that information with a car battery type and car battery types chart online to find out the exact battery type of your car. Nowadays, there are hybrid car batteries which are hard to be identified by an amatuer. So, please consult some local expert where you go to repair your car in Columbia MD

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