How Many Miles Are Good for a Used Car? {Buying Car Tips}

How Many Miles Are Good for a Used Car? {Buying Car Tips}

Used cars are oftenly rated with the miles they have been covered. Buying a used car with respect to miles is a custom method to check the age of the car. People calculate the estimated age of a car after checking the meter for the car miles so far. There are also some other factors that define the car’s age, quality, performance and the price but most of the people won’t find it.
People with lesser knowledge about the car’s quality, age or worth wonder about the estimated car age and they often search for a thumb rule while buying a used car with respect to miles. We are going to see how many miles are good for a used car.

Best Mileage to Buy a Used Car

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On average, a normal car covers the 12000 miles per year. The car sales and purchase’s pundits estimates the car’s age and price referring to this figure i.e. It means that the number on the odometer is divided by 12000 to get the estimated car age. Then the car age tells the many other important factors about the car’s worth and other important services like car service condition, engine’s condition and mobile oil’s expenditure.
If you want to buy a car in recent year’s models, you need to go for a car whose mileage is under 50,000 so far;however, if you want to buy an economical car irrespective of the model, you can go with the mileage between 60,000 to 80,000.
There are also some other factors which are useful in predicting the car’s worth. On average, a car travels 12000km per year but there is also a possibility that a car only travels 5000km per year, so it’s an old model and it won’t be the key factor defining the used car’s worth. Obviously an upgraded model with 80000km mileage is cheaper than the older model having 50000 on odometer.

How Many Miles on a Used Car is Too Much?

Remember that, the mileage above 100,000 shows that a car has used many car miles and now its price must be an average one; although, there are some exceptions where used car miles vs age is not justified. For example, if a car travels too much and it covers more than 20,000 to 30,000 miles per year, you cannot say that it is 2-3 years old. In another case, if a car is well maintained by the owner and it is being serviced properly every month, it would still be in good condition even after having 100,000 miles on the odometer.

Is 200,000 Miles alot for a Car?

200,000 miles showing on odometer

Yes! Normally an average car has its peak capacity under 100,000 miles; however, some recent models are using the latest technology and upgraded engines – they can sustain till 200,000 miles too. After 200,000 miles, any kind of car is nothing but a scrap. You should never buy a car whose mileage is more than 200,000.

Should I Buy a Car With 150k Miles?

As we have learnt that an average car’s peak capacity lasts just for the 100k mileage. After that, it can only be used if it would have been properly maintained over the years. Otherwise, it is only capable of doing some domestic or local travel. If you are only intended to buy a car just for the sake of learning the drive or any urgent need of picking and dropping the children from school, the used car with 150k mileage would be a best option as it wouldn’t cost you much.
Few new models with an upgraded technology have the ability to last good for even 200k miles. So, those models can be bought at the number 150000 on the odometer. Anyhow, you must bargain for the price as it won’t have the same capacity and performance after a couple of years.
Some good people keep on maintaining their car off and on, their car’s lifespan and capacity lasts longer than our expectations. That’s why some vintage models are still available in the market. Thus, if a car is maintained properly, it should be in good condition despite having a 150k on odometer. You should buy it at an affordable price and keep on maintaining it to have a fair deal. You must know all the car maintenance tips for maintaining such cars.

What is a Good Mileage for a Used Car in Km?

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Normally if a car is well maintained, by the owner, over the years- the average lifespan of a car is around 15-20 years. It means, if you are offered a car with a figure of 60,000km-80,000 km on odometer, go for it; because, it can still last for a few years but its price would be much economical. The used cars having a mileage of 100k should only be bought if they are well maintained so far.

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