Today Car Review: 2008 Toyota Sequoia

Today Car Review: 2008 Toyota Sequoia

Are you a Toyota lover and love reading Toyota Car Reviews? If yes, then you are at the right site because we provide the best Toyota Sequoia reviews each month. Last month, we provided the 2014 Honda Sonata review. Today’s car review is about the 2008 Toyota Sequoia. Just like the namesake, Toyota Sequoia is a Toyota’s big shot to SUV models.

By steadily working on renovating and transforming, engineers have given the 2008 Toyota Sequoia a new, larger and tough look that creates a strong impression in the first look. Larger headlamps with headlamp washers, turn-signal lamps, automatic glare resistance and puddle lamps Toyota Sequoia gives a giant look when flowing on the road.

If you are a die-hard fan of Toyota’s collection, thus getting your hands on used Toyota Sequoia will be a glorious experience for you. There are many advantages of buying used cars, including a complete package of features in a comparatively low price range.

This article will quickly discuss features and review analysis of second-generation Toyota Sequoia that hit the roads in 2008 for the first time and gained a huge appreciation from Toyota users.


Toyota Sequoias cars are built on a truck frame and equipped with a powerful new 5.7L V8 engine that yields excellent fuel efficiency fewer emissions. They are good for family traveling with relaxing seats and capacious luggage space. SUV based model of Toyota Sequoias comes with reliability and long-term satisfaction.

2008 Toyota Sequoia parts and features that make it much more attractive to the purchasers are its SUV model, redesigning, rear-wheel-drive feature, and 205.1″ length x 74.6″ height with additional 8 seats in three rows.

Toyota Sequoia is a perfect preference for thrillers as in the test drive, by Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and Features, it had not been crashed. It provides a great standard of safety to the driver and the passengers and with brake assist and electronic brake-force distribution. Side-impact airbags are likewise outstanding in maintaining safety in accidents.


The users and owners of the 2008 Toyota Sequoia review this car positively. Its sturdiness, size, flexibility, and driveline refinement are immensely acknowledged. The generous power size from a 5.7L engine with great coverage and less emission is also rated positively.

The overall analysis shows that the users are admirable of some of its extra-ordinary features including:

· Powerful engine

· Choice of V-8s

· Standard stability system

· Cold package

· Three-row curtain airbags

· Rear DVD system

· Available backup camera


the interior design of 2008 Toyota Sequoia

The interior of Toyota Sequoia resembles the interior design of Tundra in monumental designs and space. The dual-zone climate control system is admirable by its users that supports the driver while driving to hilly areas. Despite the lack of some features such as navigations system, 2008 Toyota Sequoia interior operates beyond expectations with a great Bluetooth system that works like stereo.

The material of the interior design is of good quality with low gloss and soft surfaces giving it a classical look. Toyota Sequoia is user-friendly for its passengers and drivers regardless of its size. Comfy, large seats with a longer cabin interior provide enough space for accommodating people well above the normal height that is a plus.

Its interior is also amendable due to the comfy seats, additional third row, and other luxurious amenities available for intimidating some drivers. It is impeccable in fit and finish as usual and the size is commendable.


Along with positive appreciation, 2008 Toyota Sequoia problems include positive criticism that the ride is rough sometimes and its handling is sloppy. The other minor issues involve exhausted manifolds that crackdown and cause leakage.

There are also some complaints reported by verified owners are about accessories such as belts and airbags which torn out real soon. Another issue reported involves noise at highway speed.


young couple are negotiating for a new car

Headlights are the exterior parts of the car that makes it attractive at the first glance. 2008 Toyota Sequoia headlights have two types which can be placed according to the liking of the user. It comes with a dipped beam headlight and a high beam headlight. The interesting part is that both operate with a single bulb.

These headlights can be replaced by the users at any time without much hard work. Headlights come with a great design and size that is also amendable.


Inside of 2008 Toyota Sequoia Engine

2008 Toyota Sequoia engine offers a powerful new 5.7L V8 engine that comes with excellent fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. The output of such a powerful engine is rated with 380hp that runs all the units with an electric automatic transmission to six gears. The transmission benefits from hydraulic pressure which is carefully controlled for smoother shifts during the ride.

It provides the desired acceleration to the users and an available towing capacity of 10,000 lbs. With the power of a 5.7L V8 engine and 380 hp, an additional 4.7L V8 force is also offered by the 2008 Toyota Sequoia.

It comes with an electrically controlled transmission is mated with standard 4.7L V8 engine force and provides transmission that is controlled by floor-mounted shifters. This big-sized car operates on Toyota’s flexible lock-up control for fuel efficiency and smoother shifts.


Any 2008 Toyota Sequoia price would be around $15,155 these days along with a full package including safety features, adaptive cruise control, premium paint, roomy interior and rear-seat DVD video system. You can also go for an already listed 2008 Toyota Sequoia for sale in a much competitive price. So it is always a better option buy used car in Washington DC rather than buying a new car.  

If you are an owner and want to sell your car, the best way to sell your car is to add a perfect review and the latest Toyota Sequoia images on the selling websites. There are so many people looking for this model with great comfort and size.

Except for minor issues, it is a high-speed flutter, a refined model with more competitive in the current market. But getting a used 2008 Toyota Sequoia is always a good and pocket-friendly choice.


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