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Tips for Buying a Car with an Accident

Tips for Buying a Car with an Accident

Tips for Buying a Car with an Accident

Many car dealers in Maryland have a business of buying crashed cars for cheap and reselling them after getting repaired. If you already know all about Maryland car accidents , you may know that this state suffers nearly 115,555 accidents each year. That’s why; there are always some crashed cars for sell in the market that have tempting buying prices. Usually, they are not worth it but some lucky people actually get the best deals as well. If you are interested in buying crashed cars, you should be more vigilant than buying other normal vehicles. The process of buying a crashed car is not the same as buying a brand new car. In fact, you may lose money, time, and effort; however, don’t worry, we are here to provide you with what we believe to be the 5 most effective tips for buying a car with an accident. If you follow our buying a crashed car tips, it may give you some more benefits than the benefits of buying a used car .


The following is an explanation of how damaged cars can be purchased to have a best deal. These five simple tips can save you money and prevent you from making costly mistakes.


It is wise to keep several factors in mind when seeking a great deal on salvage cars. The following are the most significant ones:


A man taking a photo of a car accident scene

It is generally accepted that cars are considered damaged when they are involved in an accident. On the other hand, there are some states in which flood and fire-damaged cars are also listed as salvage. It is extremely difficult to evaluate all the damages that are caused by flood or fire. It is best to avoid cars that are involved in fire or flood damage in the past. In case of damaged cars in accidents, you should pay attention to the body and other parts. If the frames are bent, you should not consider the car as it may not be safe. Ideally, you should hire a mechanic or qualified specialist to have an exact idea about the car damage.


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If you are looking for honest car dealers who sell crashed vehicles, it can be challenging to identify the right ones. During the sale, they may exaggeratedly highlight benefits in order to sell you the damaged car, so it is better to avoid such dealers. If you know some local dealers to whom you can trust the most, then you can visit their shops. In the event that you do not locate a trusted dealer, it would be better for you to look at their customer reviews before selecting an honest dealer.


A highway camera and moving cars

Car past history may also help in confirming the actual damage. The vehicle history report includes past owners of the car, accidents, odometer mileage date inspection and the car eligibility under the lemon law. Before checking the odometer, you must know the best miles for a used car . It is not a wise decision to purchase a damaged automobile without knowing what happened in the past. Just imagine, you are driving a stolen car with hidden damage that is not visible at all to the naked eye while you are driving, how embarrassing or risky would that be? Therefore, while buying, you must know all these critical points. You can get these details through the car’s VIN number.


Insurance claim form

Always check the crashed car’s insurance history because majority of insurance companies do not want to insure cars that have pre-existing damages. Some insurance companies register crashed cars at high rates. No matter how much damage is repaired, the car’s history remains the same. So, if you find your crashed cars’ insurance history poor, it is probably well damaged already – leave it.


Car dealer with a credit card in hand

It is much easier to figure out the cost of a vehicle that is damaged than you may expect. Salvage values for all types of cars vary by state, as well as by its year, make, and model. Furthermore, the current physical conditions play an important role too. To determine the salvage value of your car, you need to consider the following factors:

  • Consult Kelly Blue Book or NATDA Used Car Guide. They both are excellent resources for determining the retail and wholesale values of your automobile.
  • Add retail and wholesale value to make an average, and then divide this average by 2 to get the car’s current market value.
  • Car insurance companies can also help in determining the price of a crashed car. They usually tell you 75% of the current market value.


Buying a crashed car seems tempting due to excessive low prices; however, it is always suggested that car with an accident should not be purchased. Firstly, it may have low resale value. When you are willing to sell your car that was previously involved in an accident, the next buyer can identify the same damages and he may offer you a lowest price for that car. Secondly, it may have long-lasting damages. That’s why, car dealers say that crashed cars are the worst used cars to buy because no matter how much fine it may appear, some hidden damages still exist in crashed cars even after you repair them. These hidden defects may suck your monthly budget like a deadly parasite.