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Tesla Car Model S: Buyers Guide & Pricing

Tesla Car Model S: Buyers Guide, Reviews, and Pricing

Tesla Car Model S: Buyers Guide, Reviews, and Pricing

Tesla always looks to expand its offering, and Tesla car model S is making a huge impact on the market. Model S is one of the pure electric cars and it was launched in 2012. Tesla has been updating the model S since its release. There are two versions: one is model S and the other is plaid and you can enable the car wash mode as well. All the models of Tesla car model S operate in wheel drive. Recently, the Tesla model S celebrated its 10th birthday.

2022 Tesla Model S Overview

Tesla car model S is getting a much-needed retouching from its launch in 2012. The model S is one of the most desirable options with plenty of features; moreover, this model earns a place in the editor's choice list. With up to 413 miles of driving range, this car can be ideal for long drives. The Tesla car model S has a secondary front trunk for extra space and a rear cargo area. Furthermore, model S provides comfort and high performance with superior range driving technology. Two tri-motor variants are joining the lineup with interior and exterior designs. It is also one of the best Tesla car wash mode models.

Below are the things that make Tesla the best choice.

Costs and Pricing

Pricing range shown for Tesla Model S 

The electric car prices vary depending on the color and wheel options. As a customer, you will see three variants of the Tesla car price Model as standard, long-range, and performance. The standard model starts from $79,000 , and it is capable of traveling 270 miles per charge . The vehicle has a top speed of 142 mph and 0-60 mph within 4.2 seconds. This variant of model S is equipped with a software-limited pack of batteries.

The long-range tesla car model S costs $83,000 with a range of 335 miles per charge and a top speed of 155 mph. Also, this variant comes with the latest adjustments starting from $93,000. As far as model S performance is concerned, it has a range of 315 miles per charge. The pricing starts from $99,000 and ends at $112,000. If you prefer car's ferocity, you can add a ludicrous mode upgrade for $15,000. The most expensive models are available with Arachnid wheels for $45,00 and red multi-coat paint for $25,00 .

Motor and Power

Tesla Model S power and motor features 

Tesla car model S comes with an EV motor dedicated to each of the rear and front axles. The model S provides a full-time all-wheel drive no matter which version you select. Furthermore, the model S latest version delivers a blistering 2.4 seconds 0-50 mph with immediate power delivery. The plaid model boasts a third electric motor with exclusive function and it is among the best used EVS to buy . Two different settings permit drivers to choose light or heavy steering power performance.

Charging and Battery

Tesla Model S charging 

Charging is possible by using a charging station or regular wall plug. Public car charging is done with a charging station for model S. Rapid charging enables long journeys by adding more range in less time; however, the rapid charge rate of an EV depends on the maximum charging power and the charger used.

The Tesla floor has a battery pack that creates a low center of gravity. The acceleration performance and driving range vary from model to model. The battery at the base offers up to a 412-mile range and the plaid model gives up to a 390-mile range.

Cover and Interior

Tesla Model S interior design

To protect the car from outside dust and potential scratches, a cover is a necessary element. The Tesla car model S cover is made of water-resistant material with soft cotton; moreover, Tesla's cover has prominent lettering and logos. There are grommets mounted to cover the bottom and avoid parting high wind. The cotton lining of the Tesla car model S provides an exclusive finishing pattern. Thus, the cover of this model is budget friendly and adds many features.

Is the Tesla Model S a Luxury Car?

Tesla Model S exterior design

If we talk about Tesla Model S as a luxury car, it would be a big yes for Tesla car model S. Tesla is widely known as a top maker of premiere luxury and electric cars. Tesla Model S offers a lot of highly entertaining features. These features are what makes Tesla model S a car luxurious.

Here are some of the criteria that make model S a luxury car:


Top quality materials, luscious leather seats, heated and powered luxury vehicles.


Tesla car model S has a powerful engine and offers a comfortable ride.


Brilliant navigation, a premium sound system and safety aids are hallmarks of this luxurious car.


Model S has a luxury style that is eye-catchy and distinct.

Is the Tesla Model S Worth It?

Tesla Model S is the best choice if you want a luxury car with modern styling. Cars like Tesla Model S have a status symbol more than typical gas-powered sedan. So, with available expensive car options in the market, it's worth investing in a Tesla vehicle. You can get a lot of factors like gas savings, annual costs and ongoing tax incentives. Always look at these factors as a positive sign to buy a good car.


When it comes to whether a Tesla car model S is a worthy choice or not, it's important to look at your finances. Furthermore, you should also be aware of hybrid vs electric cars as it's the utmost important thing to consider while buying a luxury car. The Tesla costs don't seem feasible but it offers innumerable features with modern technology. Remember, owning an electric car like the Tesla car model S is not the only way to be environmentally conscious with your money. It could be one of the best choices with cost effective factors.