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Hybrid vs. Electric Cars: Pros and Cons

Hybrid vs. Electric Cars: Pros and Cons

Hybrid vs. Electric Cars: Pros and Cons

Hybrid vs. electric cars is a very debatable topic these days because of the upcoming trend of EVs and the current car market that is dependent on hybrid cars at the moment. Many people want to switch to electric cars but they can’t afford them because they are very expensive. A look at electric cars prices in 2021 have actually frightened most of us because in 2021, electric cars’ prices were skyrocketing due to battery shortage and poor supply chain situation in the lockdown. Now the situation is under control and old electric cars have been facing devaluation at a fractional rate. Lesser demand for old EV models and Federal Tax credit for EV holders are among the reasons for low prices of used electric cars .

States and Federal Governments are promoting the EV culture to make the environment better. Furthermore, the electric cars are expensive to buy at first but an annual hybrid vs electric car cost favors the EVs.

If you are looking to upgrade your vehicle, try considering hybrid vs electric cars differences before choosing your next car for the next 5-10 years.

What Is the Difference between Hybrid and Electric Cars?

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Hybrid cars run with the petrol, gas or somewhat blending with electric power but the electric cars are solely dependent on the electric battery. It is the major hybrid vs electric cars difference. There are many other hybrid cars vs. electric cars pros and cons that you should know before purchasing your next car.

Hybrid vs. Electric Cars Environmental Impact

Hybrid vs. electric cars environmental impact is an important factor among all the pros and cons of hybrid cars vs. electric cars. Electric cars are invented to cope with the negative environmental effects caused by the hybrid or gasoline-powered cars. EVs are more eco-friendly as they won’t dispose of any harmful gasses as compared to hybrid cars.

Hybrid vs. Electric Car Price

The price factor is another great comparison between hybrid cars vs. electric cars. You should consult hybrid vs. electric car cost in general before preferring one over another. At the moment, the first hand EVs are much more expensive than the hybrid cars due to a smaller production as compared to hybrid cars production; however, an annual running cost of an electric car is around $300 lesser than the annual cost of running a hybrid car. In the long run, electric cars become more affordable than hybrid cars.

Pros and Cons of Each

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Everything has its pros and cons. Same goes with hybrid cars or electric cars. You must consult all the pros and cons of hybrid cars vs. electric cars before opting for any of them.

Hybrid Cars Advantages

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Below is a list of major advantages of hybrid cars.

●     The Purchase cost of a hybrid car is far less than the electric vehicle. Hybrid cars are produced on a larger scale by the auto giants. That’s why they are cheaply produced while EVs are produced in smaller plants and they are currently overpriced as compared to hybrid cars of the same capacity.

●     Hybrid cars can easily be refilled from any nearest pump. EVs need to be plugged in for an hour or two to have enough charging for a ride. There are only a few EV charging stations installed at public points as compared to gasoline stations.

●     Hybrid cars normally have a greater range than the EVs. Furthermore, they can be quickly interchangeable from electric to gasoline and vice versa.

Hybrid Cars Disadvantages

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Hybrid cars have many disadvantages as well. That’s why newer generations are adapting to electric cars. Some of the major cons of hybrid cars are listed below.

●     The maintenance cost of a hybrid car is much higher as compared to the EV. You regularly have to replace the engine fuel and other parts to have a smoother ride. On the other hand, EVs won’t have such maintenance costs because they simply need an electric charge to have a comfortable ride.

●     Battery and engine often need to be replaced or recycled among the hybrid cars.

●     Hybrid cars are not eco-friendly. They are among the major sources of hazardous residues in the air.

Electric Cars Advantages

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Electric cars are the future because of their certain advantages. Have a look at the following notable advantages of an electric vehicle.

●     EVs are eco friendly. One of the major pros of electric cars is their nature of being eco-friendly. They won’t pollute the environment nor leave hazardous residues in the air.

●     Electric cars have a lower running cost as compared to hybrid cars. They won’t demand regular battery or fuel replacement.

●     On average, the annual fuel cost of an electric car is less than $300 as compared to the fuel cost of a hybrid car.

Electric Cars Disadvantages

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Despite all the buzz, EVs have some disadvantages as well. You need to consider these disadvantages of electric cars while doing a comparison of an electric car vs. hybrid car.

●     They are very expensive. Currently battery prices are skyrocketing, so are electric vehicles.

●     They have a lower mileage per charge as compared to the hybrid cars. Furthermore, they are not as powerful as hybrid cars.

●     They won’t have enough public charging points at the moment.

Which Is Better: Hybrid or Electric Cars?

It depends on your budget, preferences and a particular usage of the car. Hybrid cars provide larger mileage with great power but they are not eco-friendly and demand regular maintenance too. EVs are more eco-friendly and they are much affordable because they may save upto $300 each year considering the fuel cost. Federal government and several states are promoting the EV culture to support the environment and feasibility, so it is better to move to an EV and be prepared for the next 10 years. Even if you can’t afford a new EV, you can always buy a used EV with a good mileage. Affordability is among the top advantages of buying a used car . EVs quickly face price depreciation because older EVs quickly lose their demand. So, do your research and buy used cars online .