How Much Do Electric Cars Cost in 2021

How Much Do Electric Cars Cost in 2021

There have been introduced many famous electric cars in 2021 by famous brands like Tesla, Hyundai and BMW. Many governments are already giving tax recession and some rare benefits to the electric car owners, so maybe it is the right time to have an electric car. If you are eying on the best 2021 electric cars, you should know all about them. You must know an average electric car cost,its cost per mile,its battery cost and how to make its fuel cost low. Only then you would be able to afford an electric car in the best way. 

The overall buying cost of an electric car would depend on the model, engine, mileage and other specific features but we must be concerned about its running cost too. Many experts suggest that an electric car would be the best option for a longer term because it would cost you just a few cents per mile while a regular oil engine would cost around $1-$2 per mile.

How Much It Costs to Charge An Electric Car?

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Once you would bear the electric car and best battery cost;on average, you would save millions in a year due to lower fuel cost of an electric car. The cost to charge an electric car would be around $10-$20 per hour depending on the specific charging method and the location of the charging service. On average, charging an electric car for an hour means it would travel more than 150 Miles costing a few bucks which would be much lower than the normal fuel car cost. That’s why more people are shifting towards an electric car to achieve this low cost benefit for a longer term. 

Cost of Charging an Electric Cars at Public Stations

There are several access points on the public stations by electric car manufacturers like Tesla. On average, the current cost of charging an electric car is around 25p per Kwh. You can even buy a monthly subscription for achieving several additional benefits. Tesla has even provided the charging service free to earliest customers. 

In 2021, Tesla has launched two categories for charging an electric car at public stations. 

  • Tier 1 category deals with the  60kw and the lower ones. 
  • Tier 2 category deals with above the 60kw and it costs double than tier 1 price.

Cost of Charging an Electric Car at Home

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Cost of charging at home depends on your electricity provider tariff and the type of charging point at home. Ideally, it would take around 5-10 Electricity units per charge depending on the electric car and it would cover more than 100 miles. So, an average electric car cost per mile would be in cents while charging at home. 

You would be able to install an electric car charging point in your home for around $1000. Once you have installed a charging point, you would easily save on your electric car running cost.

Is an Electric Car More Expensive than a Petrol or Gas Car?

The buying cost of an electric car and electric car battery is surely an expensive one than petrol car or gas car but the running cost of an electric car and its cost per mile is way lower than the running cost of a petrol car or a gas car. Further, there would be no need for oil change and other mechanical adjustments and tuning unlike a normal petrol or gas car. You can even save more by having the best electric car battery. Check out the detailed car battery price guidance

What is the Cheapest Electric Car?

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The cheapest electric car option in 2021 is the Smart Eq Fortwo. ForTwo is an affordable two seater electric car that can be bought under $25000. It would be an expensive one for many people who are new into the electric car market;however, electric cars are the most expensive cars to buy due to the latest technology. Once you have managed to pay the cost of an electric car and good battery, you would be saving many bucks in a longer run saving fuel cost and maintenance cost. 

For the four seaters, skoda citigo stands on top in the list of cheapest electric cars in 2021. It beats its competitors due to its great mileage of 160 miles on single charge. That’s why citigo is limited in stock these days. You should grab it as soon as possible. 

Many people still argue about the overall cost of an electric car ignoring its fuel saving cost plus maintenance free solution. They may still prefer the patrol cars or gas cars over electric cars due to their low buying price. If you are confused too, you should contact us for a car price consultation in Washington DC. We may guide you about the best electric car and best electric car battery cost and other saving hacks of fuel cost. 

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