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Car Safety Inspection (Checklist Included)

Car Safety Inspection [Checklist Included]

Car Safety Inspection [Checklist Included]

You need to go through a car safety inspection before selling or registering your car because if you want your car to run smoothly on roads without causing any problems then you should keep it inspected quite often. No matter how good your car seems to be, you should go for a car safety inspection,at least once a year, to avoid any sudden accidents. Furthermore, if your car is not regularly inspected then it may be prohibited for the main roads by the local road authorities because even the safest used cars for teens won’t remain safe if they are not regularly maintained for probable wear and tear.

According to road trip guide and Maryland car inspection guide, it is highly recommended to go for a car safety inspection before every winter season to make sure that your car is fully ready for the snowy roads in a very low temperature. Before going for a winter trip with your family, always follow a winter car maintenance checklist , while making your car ready for the winter trip.

What Is a Car Safety Inspection?

Car safety inspection is a thorough checkup of your car’s main functions and accessories that make your car ready for safe travel. Today there are so many vehicle features for safety but that won’t be much helpful if your car’s basic functions like tires, brakes, lights and engine oil won’t be in a perfect condition. All these necessary car’s functions should be continuously checked and repaired to avoid any serious accident. Many top states of the United States have a car safety inspection checklist that should be followed while going for an yearly car’s safety inspection.

What Do You Need to Pass a Safety Inspection?

Vehicle inspection report

You need to have your car checked, by a licensed mechanic, according to the state's car safety inspection checklist. Some states require an yearly car safety inspection for your vehicle’s registration while other states only demand a car’s safety inspection before your car’s listing for sale. You must bear some cost of car safety inspection and you must have your car complied with the vehicle inspection checklist; otherwise, you will be prohibited to sell or drive that specific car until you have your car inspected and repaired (if needed) according to the car inspection checklist.

What Is Included in a Car Inspection Checklist?

The car’s inspection checklist usually includes all the major car’s functions like brakes, lights and engine; however, a state level car inspection checklist may contain everything that is helpful for a safe drive on the main road.

Here are some of the major checkpoints that you must follow while making your car inspected according to your state’s car safety requirements.


Car Mechanic Holding Clipboard and Checking Tire

The very first thing when it comes to safe travel is a perfectly conditioned tire. The major portion of your car safety inspection cost may contain the tire upgrade. Your tires should be in a perfect condition especially before the winter season, so it is surely a top priority to replace your old worn tires with new ones to provide your car a strong grip on slippery roads in winters.


Female mechanic inspecting the brake pad

Brakes’ inspection is among the major points of the car inspection checklist. Your car brakes should be in perfect condition and the brakes rotors and fluid should be good enough to remain functional for the next whole year.


Inspecting vehicle engine

If your engine makes obvious sounds then you may expect to bear a large car safety inspection cost because your engine may also need to be fixed by upgrading its belts, oil and hoses once the inspection has found the flaws.


Car Lights

Proper functioning lights according to the suggested standards are among the focal points in the checklist of a car's inspection. It’s not just about the front lights; your indicators, taillights, hazard lights and brake lights should be thoroughly inspected in a yearly inspection by the professional inspector.


Car windshield under rainy weather 

Windshield assessment is also a major inclusion in the car safety checklist because a solid windshield keeps you safe from bad weather. If there is a tiny crack, chip or seal in your windshield then it may cause a major accident and it may be a cause of serious injuries.


Side mirror view

Every state’s car inspection checklist always has an inspection of side-mirrors because you just can’t drive safely without having a look at sideways traffic. Both side-mirrors should be intact and perfectly fine during vehicle inspection.


Close-up of the Buckle of a Seat Belt

The firm grip, auto-lock and the retraction of your seatbelt is checked during a vehicle’s safety inspection because wearing a perfect seatbelt is the basic safety measure while driving.


Steering wheel.

Your steering should work perfectly during an inspection of your car’s safety checkup because any loose steering may become a major cause of a major accident.


Car inside, part of interior

For a thorough and perfect vehicle’s safety inspection car seat inspection is also required because its poor grip during acceleration or deceleration may cause a serious accident. Furthermore, its appropriate height and comfort level is also checked by an authorized inspector.

How Long Is Safety Inspection Good For?

It varies from state to state; however, on average an authorized safety certificate remains valid up to 60-90 days. If you have not registered your vehicle after the 90 days of getting a safety inspection clearance then you may need to go for another safety inspection for the car’s registration.

If you need to sell your car then apart from best car insurance in Maryland , you must also have a legit car’s safety inspection certificate before listing it on any credible platform.

How Much Does a Car Safety Inspection Cost?

It varies from state to state, the specific checklist of a car's safety inspection and your car’s condition determines the total car safety inspection cost for you. On average, you may need to spend between $20-$100 for mere inspection and if there is some larger issue like engine’s problem or tires’ inefficiency then you may need to bear the expense of repair/upgrade.

Where to Get Car Safety Inspections?

Auto inspection station

You can get a car safety inspection certificate after having your car thoroughly inspected at any of the state’s licensed vehicle safety inspection stations. You can always check the nearest safety inspection center near you by browsing “car safety inspection near me” or you may contact any local traffic authority near you to have the best recommendation of getting your car’s safety inspection certificate. Local authorities are always helpful and their website may contain much more e.g. a guide for whose car is stolen .