Best Car Insurance Companies in Maryland

Best Car Insurance Companies in Maryland

Having good car insurance is one of the earliest things that pops up in the mind right after buying a new car. It is among the most recommended things about driving a car in the famous states of the United States like Maryland. If you are living near Maryland and you are already planning to go for the car insurance, you must know all about Maryland car insurance and you should know all famous Maryland car insurance companies, so you may get the best insurance coverage in affordable premiums.

There are several car insurance providers in Maryland but we are going to make a Maryland auto insurance companies list that may contain only the best Maryland car insurance companies. After reading this piece of content, you may get all the knowledge about car insurance, how it works based on credit score and annual premium.

Does Maryland Have High Car Insurance? 


Yes, many car insurance companies charge more premium for Maryland citizens than an average premium rate for the United States. The Maryland car insurance rate is almost 12% higher than the national average rate of car insurance in the United States. There can be multiple reasons behind this. Most expected reasons are higher traffic density and a higher accident rate in Maryland as compared to other states. That’s why people are always asked to consult the Maryland car inspection guide before putting their cars on the road for long trips.

What Car Insurances Are Considered the Best in Maryland? 

If you are looking for the best car insurance in Maryland, you may choose any one of the following car insurance companies in Maryland as they all have been providing the best insurance services in Maryland and they all are highly rated as well according to the reliable consumer analytics by trusted data analytics companies like J.D. Power

1) Geico 

Geico logo 

Geico is the best car insurance company in Maryland, if you are looking for affordable premium rates and wide coverage for your favorite car. It is known to provide the best customer service regarding car insurance in Maryland because its customer satisfaction score is A++ according to J.D Power statistics. In Maryland, its digital service is also available where you can simply hand over your car insurance coverage to the specific agents via mobile app. It offers best premium rates among Maryland car insurance companies even for the poor credit scores and bad drivers; however, it has a DriveEasy program to improve the driving habits by offering more discounts to good drivers.

2) State Farm 

State Farm logo

State Farm definitely deserves a higher spot in Maryland auto insurance companies list due to its competitive rates for all, especially for the teens with overspeeding and higher accident history. There is neither a record of higher complaints against the company nor the higher number of negative reviews. It offers multiple attractive things; however, it won’t offer gap insurance for your car. If you drive safely and you are willing to add other kinds of insurance policies in your bundle, you may receive a massive discount on annual premiums.

3) Allstate 

Allstate logo

You just can’t ignore the Allstate, if you are interested in finding the best Maryland car insurance. Allstate covers all kinds of auto insurance claims e.g. collision coverage, liability coverage, roadside coverage, personal injury protection and rental reimbursement as well during the car’s recovery after an accident.  Furthermore, it also offers rideshare insurance as well that is so attractive for teens who always look for low traveling costs.

4) Travelers 

Travelers logo

Travelers is also among the best car insurance companies in Maryland due to its decent premium rates for all age groups and it also offers forgiveness for minor violations and little accidents. Its usage based utility program enforces the drivers to drive safely to get better rates than others. It can be the best insurance company for you; however, it charges extra for teen drivers. Otherwise, it is a decent insurance option in Maryland for older age groups.

5) USAA 

USAA logo

USAA would be the best insurance company in Maryland for you, if you are a veteran or you belong to a military family. It is only available to a restricted community but it offers the best benefits, best rates to that particular community of militants and veterans. There is a visible difference in the annual premiums between USAA and all other big insurance companies; however, it is not for everyone.

Can You Drive a Car Without Insurance in Maryland? 

Absolutely NOT! Driving a car without insurance in Maryland would be among the biggest blunders you would do because there are some strict laws regarding it. It is cited as a misdemeanor in Maryland - you may also face some jail time along with the fine, if you are found driving a car without insurance in Maryland. Furthermore, your license may also carry 5 points for such an act. So, don’t ever try to drive a car without a license in Maryland.


Having good insurance is always good for every matter related to automobiles. It may be helpful regarding Maryland car tax and car financing services in Maryland, Columbia and Washington DC as well. Furthermore, car insurance is necessary in Maryland for driving a car; otherwise, you may be fined and jailed as well. That’s why you must choose your car insurance provider wisely to have a good rate for your premium. Geico, State Farm, Allstate, Travelers and USAA are the best 5 insurance companies in Maryland. They all have good insurance rates with great customer support; however, some have additional benefits for elders and others have some further requirements for full discounted rates. Always check their plans and get your specific quote for your car insurance before getting an insurance plan for your car.


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