Car Rental in Baltimore, Maryland: A Guide for Renting

Car Rental in Baltimore, Maryland: A Guide for Renting

Baltimore is a major city in Maryland that is just a short drive away from other states. It is large metropolitan city with historical monuments, old churches and craft beers. You may visit several historical places, cultural attractions and parks to explore the town on vacations. If you want to explore Baltimore on your own, the first thing you need is to rent a car. Car rental Baltimore will make it easier to drive into Washington, D.C. and other presidential monuments. Furthermore, if the weather permits, don’t miss out on several beaches on the coast of the Mid-Atlantic.

How may You Need to Book a Car?

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Baltimore is close to the nation’s capital, so being a remote state, it offers an array of services to the customers, including enterprise car rental in Baltimore MD; however, you need to remember that it is a smooth process for renting a car but it requires a proof of your identity. According to the state’s law, if you are below 18, you cannot rent a car. For the car leasing process, there are a few documents that you may need to show to the concerned stakeholders for having an easy car rental Baltimore.


These documents include:

1) Driver's License

If you’re a U.S. citizen, you must keep a hard copy of your state-issued driver’s license for an enterprise rent a car Baltimore MD.

2) Proof of Identity

International visitors are required to prove their identity to rent a car in Baltimore MD. Keep your original passport for I.D. proof with you while renting a car.


3) Insurance Proof

As the state’s law demands, you may have to show a minimum auto-insurance collision and liability policy for Baltimore car rental. If you don’t have insurance, the car rental may allow you to purchase basic insurance starting from $20/day.

4) Security deposit

While renting a car, you may need to pay a deposit that will be fully refunded. Note that the amount is refunded if the vehicle is returned in the same condition. Cash deposits are usually not accepted, so try to use a credit card for the fastest process.

Cheap Rental Cars Baltimore

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In Baltimore, the average price for a renting a car in Maryland is $50 per day; however, there are some choices that you can pick for the cheap rates. A small rental is typically 35% less expensive than a standard car and a small rental is best for up to 4 passengers and it is also fuel-efficient option. It is one of the cheapest rental car options in Baltimore that varies on factors such as its popularity, supply and how far out you book the vehicle.

Luxury Car Rental Baltimore

Baltimore, being a port city, is famous for its location and beaches. If you want to travel and explore the city hassle-free – check out Baltimore’s best luxury car rentals. Upgrade your rental car experience with the best luxury cars, including SUVs, luxury sedans, convertibles, premium coupes and sports cars. Avis at Baltimore International Thurgood Marshall Airport has a five-star rating that is one of the Baltimore best car auctions. It offers the top-notch vehicles and reasonable rents per day with premium customer services.

Long Term Car Rental Baltimore

If you are new to the city and you want to travel a whole Baltimore MD without wasting even a single day while you are staying in Baltimore, consider having a long term car rental Baltimore MD from any credible car rental service provider in Baltimore MD.

Monthly Car Rental Baltimore

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If you need a car for a long duration like for a month, don’t worry. You can save your money with a monthly car rental in Baltimore. Many services offer a vehicle for the long term. Furthermore, these services are flexible to accommodate their valuable clients. Turo is one of the long-term car rental services in Baltimore that offers a wide range of luxury to cheap cars with the best advantages such as no cancellation fees if you inform 24 hours before the cancellation of the trip.

Easy Car Rental Baltimore

Baltimore, the port city, has remote traffic and passengers going on from one state to another. It is now quite easy to book rental cars using an easy car rental service in Baltimore MD. Car hiring is convenient with Easy Car that is surely one of the famous car rental service providers. It offers car rental services from cheap to luxurious cars for airports and downtown locations throughout the USA, including New York, Orlando, Miami and Chicago. There is no need to wait for hours. Just book the car and visit the east coast state of Maryland that is attractive for foreigners.

Airport Car Rental Baltimore

Many Baltimore car rental services offer you to land at Baltimore Washington International and book a car to visit tourist attractions. Explore the city in a stylish sedan and hatchbacks for an inner-city driving experience. There are plenty of airport car rentals that offer services at the best prices. Hertz car rental Baltimore is a good airport car rental service for passengers who don’t want to travel on public transports. Many other airport car rentals can also serve the same purpose for you.

Best Car Rentals in Baltimore MD


Avis is one of the best Baltimore car rentals with a fleet of high-quality services. From luxurious cars to instant arrival and the benefits of Avis are divine. Furthermore, they also have an app to choose your favorite vehicle before you get to the counter.

2) National Car Rental

Out of Baltimore’s best rental car service providers, National car Rental Baltimore is one of the best, with a five-star rating. They offer a wide range of cars to select from. Furthermore, their charges for car rentals are very reasonable. You can choose from a vast range of car rental depending upon your requirements. Furthermore, their policies are customer-friendly, which is why they stand above all.

3) Enterprise-Rent a Car Baltimore

Enterprise-Rent a Car is located at the Hollywood International Airport, Florida offering a rental car in your budget. It is one of the cheapest car rental services popular for its great rates, best luxury cars in Maryland and best customer services. When you book a rental car, you can return the vehicle at a different drop-off location that is a luxurious facility that this company provides.

Tips to Consider when Rooting a Car in Baltimore

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There are some things that everyone must consider while renting out a vehicle in Baltimore.

  • If you are going to rent a car for the first time, you must ask about the drop-off criteria from your rental service provider.
  • Be aware of the traffic light cameras and drive carefully. Remember that Baltimore has to deal with traffic jams quite common.
  • It can lead to long commutes, so travel around the places near and where roads are less congested during the vacation.

Furthermore, manage your time accordingly by keeping this factor in mind. Morning and evenings are rush hours that face heavy traffic, which can be troublesome, so be prepared to face that. Make sure to be updated with all about car insurance in Maryland before rooting a car in Baltimore MD.

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