Best 10 Car Rentals in Ellicott City, MD

Best 10 Car Rentals in Ellicott City, MD

If you have just moved to Ellicott City or you are planning a trip to Ellicott MD to know all about its heritage and historic places, you should always start traveling via rented cars instead of buying a used car because you are not much familiar with the car dealership in Ellicott City. The cost of renting a vehicle in Maryland is very affordable as compared to leasing or buying a car in Maryland; however, you should know about all the best tips for renting a car in Ellicott City, so you may choose the best car rental in Ellicott MD during your stay.

Where to Rent Cars in Ellicott City, Maryland?

If you are not sure about the best car rental in Ellicott City MD, you should shortlist the following 10 car rentals to choose from.

Enterprise Rent a Car

Enterprise Rent a Car office

Enterprise Rent a Car is surely the best car rental service in the town. It is not just another car rental service but it is more like a community to offer everything related to car rental in Ellicott City MD. You can easily subscribe to its enterprise monthly plan and you may get all the benefits of an owned car or leased car for a whole month. One single monthly payment may provide you with everything like a vehicle, its insurance, its maintenance plus roadside assistance as well. Getting such an enterprise monthly deal is one of the best tips according to Baltimore, MD car rental guide.

AVIS Car Rental

AVIS Car Rental office 

AVIS is among the famous car rentals all over the world. It offers multiple types of car rental services like airport car rental, pickup car rental, luxury car rentals and SUVs car rental etc. Furthermore, AVIS has also a great affiliate program and it has multiple partners all over the world as travel agents, airline points and hotel points partners. By adding yourself as a travel partner, you may get many additional beneficiary services(translation, directory, real time flight statuses and real time general enquiries) as well as massive discounts

Go Exotics

Go Exotics office 

The name is defining its service - exotic. Go Exotic is an Ellicott MD based car rental service that allows you to have the luxury cars and recent models on rent. Their cars are regularly cleaned and well maintained, so you won’t feel them as temporary rental cars. Furthermore, they deliver the rental car on your doorstep once you have booked any rental car from them. Their customer service is just exceptional.

Auto Budget

Auto Budget website 

As the name suggests, the main agenda of Auto Budget is to provide the most affordable car rentals in Ellicott MD, so you won’t go out of budget. Their rental rate is having a significant difference of at least 10% as compared to other car rentals in Ellicott MD. If you are tight on budget, go with the Auto budget.

Next Car Rental

Next Car Rental parking lot

NextCar is another promising car rental company in Ellicott MD. It is an affordable option among the tier 1 car rentals in Ellicott City as compared to others plus its customer service is also good. That’s why it is having a great overall rating of more than 4.2 according to Google.

Columbia Airport Taxi Cab

Columbia Airport Taxi Cab parking and entrance 

If you need to go to Columbia airport from Ellicott MD or vice versa, you can simply use the Columbia Airport Taxi Cab service. They have spacious cars, so you can easily take your luggage to/from the airport. It has almost a perfect rating according to the published reviews about them.

Alamo Car Rental

Alamo Car Rentals

Alamo car rental is another famous car rental service in Maryland. You can easily reserve your rental cars from their website by filtering out your date of booking and return. You may be directed to the most suitable car options according to your specifications like type of car, driver’s age and number of seats etc. If you are not finding any specific car rental in an emergency, Alamo car rental may also guide you how near is the earliest rental booking for you.

Save Rite Auto Rental

Save Rite Auto Rental entrance door 

Save Rite Auto rental allows you to save the right way by providing affordable cars in every budget range. You can save some bucks by just choosing the rental car from Save Rite either a compact car, luxury car or Suvs.

CARO Car Rentals

CARO car rental provides car rental services all over Maryland and the published reviews about this car rental is quite good. They always give competitive rental prices without any hidden charges and you can even have the opportunity of free cancellation after booking your reservation.


SIXT is probably among the top 5 car rentals in Maryland, if we talk about its popularity; however, due to its popularity, sometimes it's hard to maintain the quality of service especially on the weekends. Besides waiting time, it is still a great car rental service that starts from just around $60.

What are the Most Popular Car Rental Places in Ellicott City?

Enterprise, Alamo, Budget, AVIS, Thrifty and Hertz are the most popular car rental places not just in Ellicott City but all over Maryland. They automatically come to mind when we talk about car rentals in Maryland; however, you should always consider the reviews about them too because there are only some car rentals in Ellicott MD that are actually good as well as being popular. 


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