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A Look at Car Prices in 2022: Rises or Drops?

A Look at Car Prices in 2022: Rises or Drops?

A Look at Car Prices in 2022:  Rises or Drops?

Used car prices 2021 guide has clearly shown us that the whole automotive industry production has been facing a tough challenge of shortage of semiconductors and the whole supply chain has been compromised due to several lockdowns after Covid-19. So, the car prices of 2022 would surely be a hot topic these days whether the used car prices in 2022 would eventually fall or it would be another tough year for car lovers who would have to bear a peak in the new car prices in 2022 due to huge demand and poor supply ratio.

Furthermore, 2021 has been recorded as the historical year generating the most number of electric car sales. Many people may keep their interest in electric cars in 2022 too, due to certain reasons like many countries have been passing the bills of giving extra credit to the electric car owners, so electric car prices in 2022 would be also a good debate and many people would have already been waiting for the Tesla 2022 price.


Electric car prices in 2021 had been spiking due to shortage of semiconductors. That’s why, the best high tech cars of 2021 were sold at inflated retail prices; however, people were hoping that this price hiking trend would eventually end in 2021. The reality is not what people had been predicting because many dealers had already been buying the new cars, electric cars and even used cars at an inflated rate. How are they supposed to sell them at low prices? So, we have to wait for a few months at least for having fair price deals in 2022.


It is unlikely that car prices in 2022 will eventually drop in 2022. There is no doubt that we have been recovering from post-covid era and the new car production has finally started but the poor recent conditions of supply chain and a huge economic crash is still suggesting that the demand for used car prices may keep rising this year too.


According to Edmunds. Used car and truck prices shot up 37% last year and an average price of a used vehicle was $29,000. Unfortunately, this trend is going to last in 2022 as well due to limited selection, dealership markups, little to no discounts by the dealers because they had been paying extra inventory prices till the late 2021. All the 2022 used car market trends have been suggesting that we may witness a 10% growth in used car sales this year too. That’s why, many experts are forecasting that the used car prices will remain high this year but maybe in the late 2022 (fall season), we may expect much stability in the whole car sales industry and prices may eventually begin to stabilize. So, be careful regarding used cars buying in Maryland and try to remain proactive and don’t miss any good deal from an authentic dealer because we are really going to struggle in grasping a real good used car in 2022 due to uncertainty in the used car market trends. Let’s hope that we may soon see a better supply of new cars and finally people may again shift their interests in buying new cars, so the unnecessary demand for used cars may come down and we may finally see normal prices of used cars again.


Electric car prices in 2022 are most likely to remain the same just as in 2021; however, there are many new models and competitors are going to join this electric revolution and the states are also working hard to convince people for this electric revolution. Several states have already been advising to give the special credit for the electric car owners upto $7500. So, considering all these facts, we can safely say that it is much easier to afford an electric car in 2022 as compared to previous years before 2020. If you do proper research and get a special deal along with special credit, your electric car would be more affordable than a petrol driven car in the long run. $35000-$40,000 would be an average price gap to have an electric car in 2022 considering major competitors like 2022 Volkswagen ID.4, 2022 Kia Niro EV, 2022 Hyundai Kona Electric and Tesla Model 3.


The Tesla 2022 price is surely the first thing you want to know while checking the electric car prices in 2022. Well, it depends on the settings, add-ons and your preferred Tesla model. An average price of Tesla model 3 ranges between $44,000-$59,000 depending on choosing some specific options among standard range/long range/performance AWD, opting fully self driving feature and going with an upgraded paint color etc.

Tesla Model X may range between $104,000 – $120,000 depending on multiple factors like state incentives and the taxes.