8 Common Misconceptions and Myths about Used Cars

8 Common Misconceptions and Myths about Used Cars

Buying a new car vs used car is always a tough decision to make because everyone tries to suggest a new car for a higher budget and a used car for a lower budget. Even the car dealerships try to lure you for the new cars to buy because they may get higher profit by selling new cars. You should know all the facts about car dealerships so you may know all about how and why they suggest you buy a new or used car.

In reality, there exist many used car myths and misconceptions about used cars that make everyone afraid of buying a used car. All these myths try to overrate the new cars and underrate the used cars, so people may continue to prefer the new car models each year.

Let’s see some popular misconceptions about used cars that are just myths. You need to know that there is nothing to worry about these following myths while making a decision to buy a new car vs used car.

1) Something Is Fishy with Used Cars 

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“Something is fishy” is the very first and foremost misconception that is linked to the used car. We have been misinformed so much about used cars that we instantly imagine that the seller is selling a particular used car because there is something wrong with the car and the seller wants to get rid of it.

In reality, there may be tens of reasons for selling a used car e.g. upgrading to a new car, migration to a new state and need of urgent money etc.

2) Used Cars Get Poor Financing

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Another hyped myth about used cars is poor financing i.e. people always tell you that you won’t get a good financing deal for a used car and you may get a better financing deal if you apply for a new car.

In reality, financing has nothing to do with the new car or used car. Financing deals always depends on your current credit score and down payment.

3) Used Cars have Poor Mileage 

Dashboard of a car with big mileage - two hundred thousand kilometers

One of the most concerning myths about used cars is that they have poor mileage. Everyone tells you that a new car is always better to purchase because you may have so many years with a maximum mileage; however, there are still so many used cars available in the market that may still have enough mileage for the next 5-8 years.

In reality, some car enthusiasts are habitual of upgrading their car models each year, so they keep selling their old models and purchasing new models - you may find good miles for a used car too, if you do visit some credible car dealerships.

4) Used Car Needs Higher Maintenance Cost 

Service vehicle maintenance.

Many people claim that there needs to be a handsome regular maintenance cost for managing a used car. It is a popular misconception that a used car is nothing but a liability that has to be maintained via spending bucks on it.

In reality, it is not as severe a problem as it is told. Everything requires maintenance and so as a used car. Even new cars also have to be properly maintained and regularly monitored. You just have to check the vehicle’s history for major repairs and you may ask your trusted mechanic to check everything before buying a used car and you are all set for a great deal. Furthermore, you can still check the list of 10 used cars not to buy. Other than those 10 cars, there is nothing to worry about used cars.

5) Used Cars Are Warranty-less 

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Although much older cars do not have the warranty; however, if you buy the used car with a good mileage - you may get the warranty of a few years as well. There are some specific months when many sellers and dealerships try to offload their used cars, so they may offer you some good warranty as well. Take care of the best and worst months to buy a car

6) Used Cars Are not Safe Enough 

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Poor safety is among the most ridiculous used car myths. People always say that used cars won’t have enough safety features like airbags and rear mirror functions; however, many good drivers take enough care of their cars and they won’t let any of the safety features be damaged for the next 5-10 years. So, it’s all about a specific used car that still has the safety features or not. Along with safety features, a used car would surely be more expensive than the same used car without safety features.

7) Used Cars Consume More Gas 

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“Used cars consume more gas” - another popular myth about used cars. It always depends on a particular engine how much gas would be consumed by a used car or a new car. So, it is just a myth that used cars consume more gas as compared to a new one. If you can maintain the used car properly and have it regularly checked from an expert mechanic - there would be no issue about excessive gas consumption.

8) Good Used Car should be Bought Instantly 

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It is always a rumor that there are only a few used cars in the dealerships that are in good condition, so you should close the deal as soon as possible because there are always competitors to grab the good used cars. Many dealerships urge you to instantly buy a used car at the listed price because there are always pending inquiries about that particular car.

In the real world, there is no need to rush about booking a used car at a listed price. No matter if you like the used car or not - always try to bargain and try to check everything and be satisfied about price and car’s performance before buying it. You should have known all the do’s and don'ts of buying a used car, so you may get the best used car with good mileage at a reasonable price.


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