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10 Worst Used Cars You Should "Never Buy"

10 Worst Used Cars You Should “Never Buy”

10 Worst Used Cars You Should “Never Buy”

If you are planning to buy a used car because you have saved a little money to pay a downpayment for a used car. You don’t want this precious life saving to be wasted. Isn’t it? Instead, you are looking to buy used cars in Washington Dc. Then, please make sure to know all about the worst used cars to buy and which used cars to avoid before going for anything rubbish.

Further, please do some research about the best and worst months to buy a car and all the relevant states about most popular cars in the U.S and don’t forget to check out the top 10 ford cars . Thus, you would easily find a most reliable and affordable used car that won’t be an embarrassment in near future.

Following are some of the worst used cars to buy and to avoid at any cost.



Yellow Fiat 500x

Fiat 500X is listed everywhere on top of the list while discussing the worst used cars to buy or the used cars to avoid. There are a bundle of survey reports claiming that Fiat 500X is getting the worst customer feedback in the last decade. It is not reliable, having disturbing brakes, poor power equipment and suspension issues as well. So, please don’t waste your precious saving on this crap while buying used cars in Washington DC.


White Mini Cooper in the road

Mini Cooper is labelled as the most overrated car in the last decade by the honest customer reviews. Its marketing was too good to resist it but its performance is too bad to ride with. There were many transmission problems, manual disorder plus mechanical parts were also major disappointments.


Ford Fiesta was also a disappointment for the customers in the last decade. Many customers complained about its poor transmission, poor battery integrity and third class audio system. The average rating of Ford Fiesta in the last decade was below than average.


Mitsubishi Mirage made a dent in the Japanese auto reputation. It had only few notable features that were instantly neglected by the rest of the whole car. It was not reliable – could not cope with a dirty road and its interior was poor. That’s why it was considered in the list of the cars to avoid.


White 2021 Mercedes Benz S Class

Volkswagen Jetta was probably the only model by Volkswagen that faced a quickest price deprivation just after a few months. Its below par quality had quickly ended its demand and the company had to stop its production quickly. The major blows were the excessive oil consumption, EGR valve burning, unsmooth engine and the catalytic converter failures. It is surely a car to avoid and it would surely be the worst used car to buy with your precious savings.


Black Audi A8 Model 2021

Dodge Journey had a very tough journey since its introduction. Excessive complaints were filed about its poor engine transmission, premature brakes,rotor wear and very small cargo space. Although it was offered at a lower price, people still felt that it was a complete wasteful thing to buy with their money.


It was marketed well and people actually thought it would be among the best used cars in Washington DC but the Cadillac XTS proved to be just an average car in the last decade. Not impressingly, it never got more than 6.5 stars out of 10 in any of the surveys. The major complaint was its high maintenance cost which was around $900 dollars per year. This is surely a car to be avoided especially when it is a used one – a suicide to buy this second hand. BMW 5


White Tesla S Model 2021

Chevrolet is considered almost a reliable brand now but its cruze model before 2013 was overrated to be honest. It had problems in maintaining the engine coolness, transmission and a  moderate climate . The exterior was also not so captivating, So any Cruze model before 2014 is definitely a used car to be avoided.


White Hyundai i10 model 2021

GMC Acadia was surely a tough contender to receive the disappointment of the decade. There were continuous problems, regarding transmission, drivetrain and climate malfunction, in every model of GMC Acadia.


Red Tesla model 3 2021

Saturn VUE is a hybrid car that must be avoided while buying it from another user. There were some notable issues with it till 2007 like the numb steering, slow response to the AWD system, an uncomfortable rear seat and poor reliability score. These issues were somewhat fixed after 2007 generations but then there was an uncomfortness in the front seat and the brakes and this updated engine returned only 17mpg. Therefore, it would not be among the best cars to buy in Washington but it should be avoided at any cost.

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