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11 Questions to Ask when Buying a Used Car

11 Questions to Ask when Buying a Used Car

11 Questions to Ask when Buying a Used Car

You should be well prepared before buying a used car because buying a used car is affordable but it may still be a waste of money if you have been given a trash car. It is your right that you should be informed about everything related to that specific used car in which you are interested. If you know all the buying a car questions, you may find enough reasons for consulting with a dealer and negotiate the price as well.

Let’s check all the important questions about buying a car, so you may understand everything related to buying a car and then you may find the best deal after knowing everything related to a used car and its specifications.

When Buying a Car, What Are Good Questions to Ask a Dealer?

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Go through all of these buying car questions before buying a specific car. Don’t feel ashamed while asking these questions to a dealer.

11 Questions about Buying a Used Car

1) Why Seller Is Selling a Car?

It seems like a very basic question while buying a car but it can be a great starting point because the seller may try to get rid of a certain used car due to some performance issues or some damages. Once you know all the possible issues, you may easily negotiate for a better deal.

2) What Is the Current Mileage of a Car?

Asking about the current mileage on odometer is among the important questions about buying a car because it can easily help out how much the car has been driven so far and how much wear and tear have been done so far and how much price is depreciated on a specific car. The mileage is surely an important factor to guess the car’s health and the current price; therefore, you should know the best miles for a used car.

3) How Many Owners Are There?

You should ethically know all previous owners of a used car that should be documented in a vehicle’s history. It is a good practice to know how many owners are there for a specific car and how many times it is transferred to a new title. If the seller is not able to answer it, beware.

4) Is There any Warranty?

Whether you are buying a new car or a used car, you should not be ashamed of asking for any possible warranty. Even if the car is crashed and it is repaired, you may still ask for any possible warranty of minor repair or service.

5) Does the Car have a Salvage Title?

If you are offered a way old car or a recent model at a good price, you should ask the dealer whether the car has a salvage title? If a car has a salvage title then it is a high risk to buy this car because it would be too costly to be repaired. That’s why salvage titled cars have to face a massive price depreciation. Acknowledging a salvage title in advance is among the great tips for buying a crashed car.

6) Are There any Damages?

When you are preparing to buy a used car, make sure to include this question in the list of questions to ask from the seller: are there any damages to the car? An honest dealer or seller would clearly identify any past damages; otherwise, you can always demand the vehicle history to check any repairs.

7) Is this Car Eligible for Financing?

It is another important question among the questions about buying a car that “is this car eligible for financing?” Financing always helps you to pay a smaller initial capital whether it is a used car or a new car. If you can get a good financing deal for your car, it’s better.

8) Can My Mechanic Check it for any Mechanical Faults?

Some private sellers always try to dodge their clients by not telling the truth about any specific mechanic fault. You should always ask about mechanical checkups of a car from your trusted mechanic. Trust in your own mechanic is among the important tips for buying privately or tips for selling a car privately .

9) How Much Is the Insurance Premium?

Don’t forget to ask questions about an insurance premium of a specific car before closing a deal. It may totally misbalance your regular spendings. Always make a final decision of buying a used car after calculating the annual premium for insurance.

10) Can I Take a Test Drive?

It’s your right to have a test drive before buying a new or old car. You should feel comfortable while driving it. You should check various mechanical and technical features in a test drive before buying a specific car. Always include the test drive question in your list of questions to ask while buying a car.

11) Is there any Refundable Policy?

It may seem a joke to a dealer but you may ask your dealer about any possible chance of returning a bought car during a certain period of time or mileage. So, if you won’t feel comfortable or you are not happy with the car’s fuel efficiency or monthly premium - you may be able to return/replace it for another one.

After getting all the answers of these questions, you may easily make a decision about a certain car because everything would be crystal clear; however, if you are shy and you can’t ask all of these questions from a dealer - just get a pre-qualified online in Maryland .