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10 Best Cars for Family Vacations (2022 Models)

10 Best Cars for Your Family's Vacation (2022 Models)

10 Best Cars for Your Family's Vacation (2022 Models)

There are many attractive cars to buy in 2022 but there are only a few of them that can actually be called the best cars for family adventure. The best car for family adventure should have a bigger space. So, a smaller car won't work for the family adventures but a minivan or SUV would be preferred as the best vehicle for a family of four and dogs as well.

Only a bigger space is not enough to count any car among the best cars for a family of four because there are many more things that need to be considered before picking the best vehicle for family adventure, according to the Maryland road trip guide . For example, safety ratings should be considered. Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) can also be noticed. Horsepowers and fuel consumptions must be checked before picking the best car for a complete family because lesser horsepower won’t provide an awesome experience. Last but not the least, if any vehicle is having some specific safe seats for children then you must shortlist it among the best vehicles for family and dogs.

Which Is the Best Family Car in 2022?

Most of the time, people suggest you buy a used car for your family trip because it's affordable. Yes, it helps most of the time because you may spend most of the money on other adventures if you have saved your bucks while choosing a used car over a new one; however, you must check all the road trip tips by used cars before opting a used car for your family trip. Furthermore, please stay away from the notorious 10 Worst used cars to buy .

If you are not a fan of used cars then here is a list of the best family cars for you. Check their prices, specifications and prefer any of them wisely.

Honda Accord

Honda Chords Red

Honda Accord is surely a good choice among the best family cars in 2022 due to its good mileage plus peerless driving dynamics . In this latest model, the Honda has also upscaled the interior, so it is spacious enough along with 5 seats . It has turbocharged engines providing 192-252 HP along with other technical improvements like touch screen . It can be bought for around $ 28k.

Toyota Avalon

Red Toyota Avalon

Toyota Avalon should not be ignored while shortlisting the best cars for a family adventure as it is spacious enough having prevum interior for a better feel. It is having a punchy V6 engine providing upto 301 HP . It is fuel efficient and it provides a composed and safe ride. Furthermore, there is an interesting user-friendly infotainment system. It is surely among the best cars for family road trips in 2022 but it is a bit expensive as compared to others - around $38k.

Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry Beautiful

It is surely among the best family cars because it is a midsize sedan that has roomy seats to provide a cushioned ride along with a composed handling . Its user-friendly infotainment system is a bonus for an entertaining family trip. Its punchy V6 engine helps to achieve up to 301 HP . Although it is not as spacious as other minivans and SUVs yet it has comfortable bigger seats. It is not a bad deal if you can get it around $27k.

Mazda CX-9

Mazda CX-9 red

You can count it among the top midsize SUVs that are among the best vehicles for family trips. Along with a punchy V6 engine, it is still fuel efficient and it has a potent turbocharged engine providing upto 227 HP. Its most attractive features are its athletic handling and top-notch cabins . Luckily, a family of six can also go on a road trip altogether in a Mazda Cx-9. You should be getting it around $37k and it would be a good experience.

Kia Soul

Kia Soul car

Kia Soul is another subcompact SUV that can be considered among the best vehicles for family trips - thanks to its abundant cargo space and user-friendly infotainment system . Although it won’t provide you agile driving but a big cargo space along with 5 seats are enough to consider it among the best vehicles for family and dogs in just around $22k. At a reasonable price for a family car proving upto 201 HP is not that bad.

Subaru Ascent

Subaru Ascent 

The 2022 edition of Subaru Ascent is the best car for family adventure from the Ascent series. This car is durable and easy to clean having above average cargo facility and standard all-wheel drive . Furthermore, it also has many safety and technical features that makes it perfect for a family trip. Havig 260 HP and 7-8 seats , you can have this affordable midsize SUV in the range of $34k-$35k.

Honda Passport

Honda passport with a beautiful view

Honda Passport 2022 is among the best cars for a family of four. It is an award winner by multiple car rating sites due to its large space for a family trip. It also has a potent V6 engine , 280 HP with refined handling that provides a smooth experience to drive for a long trip. It has 5 seats for the family members, so it is surely among the best cars for a family of four in 2022. You have to spend around $40K for it in Maryland.

What Is the Best Car for a Family of Six?

Honda Odyssey is the best car for a family of six, if we compare its price, space and performance as compared to other minivans that have more than 6 seats . Starting from just $30K , it is a spacious minivan having multiple safety features and it also provides comfortable driving performance upto 280 HP . That’s why you may count on it despite knowing the fact that it won’t have all-wheel drive, electric support or any luxurious look.

What Is the Best Car for a Family of Four?

According to several car experts and car ratings by some credible sources like Forbes, Car Guru and Cars News, the Honda Accord is the best car for family adventure if a family has just four members. It provides 192-252 HP and the touchscreen infotainment system. By spending just $27K , you can enjoy an awesome family trip. It is the best available option that provides full value of money among the family cars for four members.


Be careful while choosing the perfect car for your family trip. Either it would be a used car or a new car, it should have enough seats, cargo space, safety features and more than 280 HP along with some infotainment system, so you may enjoy your family trip. If you are tight on budget, always try to buy a used car for your family trip and make it ready after doing a routine checkup.