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You Wish It, We Buy It, You Drive It


At Bumble Auto we want to provide you with your dream car.  The Bumble Auto Wish List ensures that happens! The Wish List provides our experts at Bumble Auto the information needed such as the year, make , model, color and any other specific details you may want in your vehicle. Once our experts receive your wish list they will work with you day by day to deliver you your dream car. Here at Bumble Auto we want to provide our customers with a hassle free car buying experience, including no hidden fees, affordable out the door prices and delivery services if needed! So if your having a hard time finding your dreams car let our experts find it for you! Fill out your wish list today!

  • Step 1 : Start by researching different vehicle make and models to find the best one for you.
  • Step 2: Once finding the vehicle you want us to find , fill out your wish list and send it to the Bumble Auto experts.
  • Step 3:Than the experts from Bumble Auto will reach out to confirm your request.
  • Step 4: After your vehicle confirmation has been done, our experts will reach back out to collect a totally refundable deposit to ensure serious inquiries.
  • Step 5: Once all paperwork and refundable deposits are collected, our experts will get started on looking for your dream car. Take note that this process may take 6-8 weeks!