Walmart Auto Centre: Services, Prices, Hours & More

Walmart Auto Centre: Services, Prices, Hours & More

Sam Walton founded +Walmart in the early 1960s, starting from a single store. After seven years of business, the company developed into a multinational retail corporation and now it has 11,000 stores worldwide. Auto service Walmart has extended its business into several auto service centers. Undoubtedly, the company is primarily renowned for retail, but auto service at Walmart is also appealing and satisfying.  

Many auto service stations and most and best used car dealers in Columbia MD provide a complete set of services and consultations. Walmart car care stations also offer standard services at reasonable prices around Columbia and other states. Furthermore, complete auto service in Walmart is extended with the auto insurance, buyer guide and the other car accessories etc. 

Many Walmart Service centers claim that we provide used car repair in Baltimore, Columbia, Maryland by Walmart and this blog is going to guide you about their store locations, prices and hours.


Walmart Auto Centre sign

Whether you have a new car or plan to buy used car in Maryland, basic car care is essential to keep it running. After retail stores, Walmart has jumped into auto car service. Walmart auto service prices and their great service reviews are tempting and they surely pave a great path for us to save money and time simultaneously. Surprisingly, Walmart serves over 240 million people per week.

It has over around 2500 auto care service locations all over the world. The team of professionals and technicians are readily available at the auto service Walmart to help you with your car repairing, car service and other maintenance services.

The amazing thing is that you can go to the aisles of the Walmart stores for groceries; meanwhile, your car may get its maintenance services. This is a much better entertainment opportunity to stroll at the Walmart stores than rushing to a mechanic and then waiting long hours in the mechanic shop. With Walmart Auto Service, there is no need to wait in a long queue for auto servicing or shopping. What else do you need?

Another amazing thing is that Walmart auto service prices are very reasonable and budget-friendly. From carwash to a tire change, they’ve got you covered with all. Their services are top-notch, provided by skilled workers and at very affordable rates.


A repairman is checking the car engine

Walmart auto service centers offer a variety of car repair and maintenance services. The list is long as they offer complete engine repair, headlights installation, comprehensive cabin air filter installation, and oil and lube services at very reasonable rates. Their services are professional as they use the most useful tools for car repair.

If you are leaving the house to get the grocery but the tire is punctured. No worries! The Walmart auto service center attached to the retail store is go-to place. Get your grocery while the professional team may mend your car. They also offer car clutch replacement guide as well as consultancy about repairing various car parts. You can go to any nearby service station as there are so many Walmart auto service locations working in all auto service Walmart hours.

The services at their auto care centers include:

  1. Tire services
  2. Battery services
  3. Headlight services
  4. Oil and lube services
  5. Fuel system services
  6. Engine maintenance services
  7. Engine air filter installation
  8. Windshield wiper replacement services
  9. Miniature bulb installation services and many more

The oil change is one of the most expensive car maintenance services but it cannot be neglected. The reason is that fresh oil for car engine is vitally important for car performance and it prevents other engine issues. Walmart with auto service, offer oil and lube services at comparatively lower prices.


Price table of auto servics by Walmart

Walmart auto service prices are very economical. The services are quite pocket friendly as tire service starting from $5 and oil and lube service offer starting from $19. The rates are very accommodating as compared to other car wash and repair sites.


Walmart car service centers follow a retail pattern and there are some specific predefined auto service Walmart hours. These are very easy to follow; plus, you can have the car maintenance services and groceries both at a same time.

Mostly the auto service centers at Walmart stay open from 8 am to 6 pm throughout the week. Auto service Walmart hours are the same on all days except for national holidays. You can also confirm the working hour on the website before making a schedule for your car repair services. Walmart appointment scheduling won’t disappoint you even in your busy schedule.


Walmart stores finder on the website

From a single retailer store, Walmart has opened thousands of stores in the United States and has expanded internationally over the years. To find the locations and areas that Walmart cover, the best way is to go through their store directory. The store directory is available on Walmart’s website. You can find your state & area and can book an appointment as well via Walmart appointment scheduling.

Another best way to find the location and areas that Walmart car service centers cover is to use the Walmart store locator. It works just like the same but there are other benefits of using this way. The additional advantage is that you can find other Walmart services at the same time. These services can be beneficial to you and may save your precious time. 


Booking an appointment with the Walmart auto service center is also possible. By the hit of the pandemic in 2019, now they also offer a booking that is very helpful in managing the errands with a busy schedule. 

Walmart appointment scheduling is very easy and convenient. To book an appointment, check the nearby store using Walmart store locator. After confirmation of the store presence, book the appointment on the phone. To get a thorough idea of the deals and discounts, visit their official website. Also, don’t forget to check out their Walmart Auto Center coupon pages. 


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