Most Common Mistakes To Avoid During Auto Test Drive

Most Common Mistakes To Avoid During Auto Test Drive

Driving test is a fundamental way to get a driving license and it is one of the most stressful situations in the lives of teenagers. Some teens can’t cope with this stressful test drive and they completely lose count of how many mistakes they have made during the whole test drive. It’s rare that any teen actually passes the driving test in the very first attempt. 

Driving in a friendly environment with your dad is one thing but to drive in a test for a license is another - it is responsible and stressful too. Furthermore, the test drive has to be performed in a used car having some possible flaws as well. You have to take care of every single detail and you have to make sure to avoid all kinds of driving test mistakes. The best way to avoid the driving test mistakes is to know everything about a complete auto test drive, what major aspects are monitored in an auto test drive and how many mistakes are allowed in a driving test. You should also be well aware of the used car driving test tips.

How Many Mistakes Are Allowed on the Driving Test? 

There are only 15 minor mistakes allowed in a driving test; however, you can’t make a single major mistake in your driving test because it may be deadly for you or people surrounding your car in normal traffic.

If you are wondering that why there should be some mistakes allowed in a driving test so you  must know that an auto test drive for a license is not a familiar thing for every teenager as it is a very first experience where every single activity is being monitored and recorded - so it is a very stressful environment making every teenager nervous. It’s normal that young teens tend to commit minor mistakes like forgetting the seat belts.

What Are the Most Common Driving Test Faults? 

If you are wondering how many common auto driving test mistakes that should be avoided, there are many things to avoid; however, you should avoid these 9 common driving test faults for sure.

1) Abnormal Speed (Too Slow/ Too fast) 

Slow driving is considered safe driving; however, very slow driving is a sign of caution. It clearly indicates your inability and your inefficiency to drive on the busy roads where everyone is supposed to drive fast.

On the other hand, fast rash driving is another dangerous sign that may lead to your auto driving test failure. So, don’t try to drive too slow or too fast in an auto driving test. Try to be in a moderate speed limit according to the specific car you are driving. 

2) Rolling Stops 

Don’t make rolling stops or incomplete stops. It is one of the most immature driving mistakes that clearly expose your immature driving skills. You must make a full stop at a demarcation line.

3) Poor Lane Changing 

changing lanes in heavy traffic

Lane changing is another important factor to be judged on your driving test that demonstrates your overall driving exposure and your vision. Don’t just randomly change lanes on your own will. Whenever you are asked or required to change lanes: have a look at side mirrors to have a rear view, give indicators, turn your head for a blind spot detection and then do a proper lane change.

4) Four-way Stop Confusion 

Don’t be confused about four-way stop traffic. Try to be in your own lane and wait for your turn to move forward. Remember that whoever has been allowed to move via green signal, is allowed to progress. If there are not any signals, first in first out is a general rule. If you are heading to a different road via four-way stop, always make sure to indicate your intention to go right or left via indicator.

5) Improper Braking 

Student Passes between Cones, Driving School

Improper braking is the most significant mistake among the common mistakes while auto test driving. It may occur due to a pressurized situation or whatsoever, you should not take it lightly. Always check the brakes’ condition before starting to drive and then don’t apply too much pressure to apply immediate brakes as it would be dangerous for the following cars.

6) Improper Distance Maintenance 

You should not follow the front car too closely even on a high speed lane. Always maintain a healthy distance from the front vehicle, so you may have enough time to apply immediate brakes incase of any emergency.

7) Poor Parallel Parking 

Bad Driver on Parking

Poor parallel parking is among the most popular car drive test mistakes because it really requires full attention and maximum driving exposure. If you are asked to demonstrate parallel parking, try to not hit the curb nor the other cars in a lane.

8) Ignoring Speed Limits 

Don’t ignore the speed limits in some specific areas. Try to maintain slow speed in crowded areas near schools, residential societies,freeways or areas under construction.

9) Bringing Faulty Car to Test Drive 

Some people try to learn driving in an old used vehicle to be well prepared before riding a brand new car. They do make many mistakes and they do crash the car as well over a learning period. It is fine but don’t take that old used car for a driving test. When you are preparing for a driving test. Go to the best 2022 car dealer in Columbia, Baltimore, Washington DC to rent or buy a safe used car for a test drive.

How Many Points Can You Miss on a Driving Test in Maryland? 

You can miss upto 15 minor points on a driving test in Maryland. Beyond the 15 minor mistakes, you will fail your auto driving test in Maryland.

How Can a Bumble Auto Driving Test Help You? 

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