How to Sell Your Used Damaged Car?

How to Sell Your Used Damaged Car?

If you are a car lover and your car is damaged, you can get your hands on a new model by selling your damaged car. This is a digitalized era where you can buy and sell items including cars with a single click. Likewise, you can also sell a damaged car by uploading its details on a few popular car-selling websites. But before searching anything like “sell my damaged car”, you should do your homework first.

There are some dos and don’ts of selling cars by owners which you must know before registering on these websites. For instance, no matter if your car is used and damaged, you must do check the market rates to ask a best price, plus don’t exaggerate you car’s damage details; instead, focus on mentioning features of your car beautifully to attract clients.

There are also many ways of selling your used damaged car by various social media platforms such as:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. Car apps

The finest way to get maximum price is to join Facebook groups and pages where there is a crazy amount of car enthusiasts. Upload the correct details of your car on such platforms, the buyers will approach you directly.

This article will discuss further details and ways about how to sell a damaged car and where to sell a damaged car.


A person is assessing a car damage for selling it

It is totally fine if your car has a few scratches or any body part is damaged. You can still sell your car at appropriate rates. It is advised to get the car repaired before selling as it can give you a satisfactory rate in return.

If you are in a hurry and don’t have sufficient time to reach the mechanic, you can also sell your car with the damaged body but it will not yield a lavish amount.

Before attempting to sell your damaged car, evaluate the car condition. Check its average mileage, change the fuel, get the tires changed and also check the engine. If the overall condition of the car is excellent with negligible body damage, you can sell your damaged car easily.


Car damages are heartbreaking for car lovers as it affects the car décor and its value. If the damage is minor also known as primary damage, then you don’t need to worry at all. Primary damages are not internal so they can be easily repaired by servicing. Such primary damages don’t affect the car value.

If your car has secondary damage, that can be occurred because of a collision or any other reason. In such cases, the cars are repaired by the insurance company and added to car history. This will make your car closer to the original but it will affect the car value.

The third and last case is severe damage in which the car is collapsed from the front or rear and turns into a non-moving vehicle. In such cases, the car is not considered as sellable but it becomes nothing but a scrap.


A mechanic is holding a wrench

The body damage of a used car can be repaired sometimes. If your car has a few scratches and doesn’t hold any severe damage history then it is totally fine to sell a damaged car with no fix.

If the car has major body damage in a collision, then getting a minor damage repaired is recommended prior to selling. The secondary damaged body of a car can be repaired and its body parts can be changed which will affect the car value to some extent but the car will be resalable.

In case of severe body damage, a car cannot be fixed because many body parts are already lost, so trying to fix them may disturb the whole body alignment. These cars do not perform well so they are not fixed and the owner suffers a lot.

The customers avoid purchasing cars with a damaged body, so the best way to sell your used car is to get the damage fix, get fresh paint to your car and then sell the car. It will also add value and cost to your used car.


A few years ago I managed to sell my damaged car near me by using some of my connections but now the time is changed to such an extent that you can sell your car at a single tap of your phone or tablet.

If the car gets involved in an accident, mostly the owners lose hope and get disheartened about where to sell their damaged car, but now it is not an issue anymore. The reason is that digitalization has solved this problem and now you can also sell your car online.

Some many famous websites and apps operate as a third party between the seller and the buyer and you can sell your damaged car on such websites. You require to enter the correct details of your car along with your contact details. The interested buyers will contact you directly and in this way, you can sell your car from the comfort of your home.

Another way of selling your damaged car is through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. There are many car groups and pages that can be used for selling a damaged car. Millions of people use social media and considering social media as best platform for attracting clients from all life races.

A used and damaged car can also be sold privately but there are some tips of selling car privately to avoid any effect on car value. For example, while selling your car privately, check the details of the purchaser to avoid any scam. Likewise, involve a third party before finalizing the deal.

Many insurance companies and repairing companies also accept used damaged cars. They offer less rates but give no attention to the damage.

In conclusion, it’s difficult to sell a damaged car, but it is not impossible. You can easily sell your car either it is brand new, used or damaged by entering the right details of your car in right places.


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