How to Change a Car Brake Light Yourself?

How to Change a Car Brake Light Yourself?

Brake lights are a great safety feature that gives drivers indications about driving at turns. No matter if it’s day or night, your car brake lights must be working perfectly fine. If your brake lights are not working right, the drivers behind your car is going to face trouble when you slow down for a turn. It causes the risk of smashing down in the vehicles due to this minor negligence; therefore, it is necessary to check and maintain your brake lights regularly according to Maryland car inspection guide. No worries, if you have no time to run to a repair shop and get the brake lights fixed. You can perform this at home in no time.

The brake lights are powered by bulbs that run out when the brake light is dimmer and slow to respond, or the brake warning light comes out due to any other unusual reason. When the brake light burns out, it is seriously inconvenient for both the driver and the other people who drive behind you. The best solution is to get a pair of new brake light bulbs and change the brake light bulb as soon as possible. You should know these basic fixing for an emergency like how to replace a car clutch or how to change the light bulbs etc.

This blog will guide you on how to change brake light bulbs yourself, what tools and equipment you need to change the brake lights and the steps involved in the whole process. The amazing fact is that you don’t need to run to a car mechanic because in that time you can change the brake lights yourself. It takes a minimum of 30 to 45 minutes to bring a massive change to people’s life.

Can you Change a Brake Light Yourself?

Changing the tail light bulbs is a form of car maintenance that you can also perform yourself without rushing to a car services station. You will need some car maintenance tips to do this job, and this article is all about that. Every vehicle has different brake light bulb replacement settings but the basic procedure is the same. Some SUVs and Sedans have made it easier to change brake light by giving access inside the car. You can also search like change brake light near me in Maryland.

Which Bulb do you Need First?

The brake light bulbs vary according to the type and model of vehicles. Many of the cars have double filament bulbs for corner lights. Try to check first which is your brake light bulb – its size, dimensions and other features. Get hands-on a similar bulb from a mechanic shop or the automotive store and you are good to go.

Once you get the correct brake light bulb that you want to replace, it is time to install it correctly. It is not a tedious task but you only need to have confidence to complete this little maintenance task; plus, you need a few useful tools for any car required for DIY tasks to serve the job. Such as:

  • ¼ extension – 3 inches and 6 inch
  • ¼ socket set – metric
  • ¼ ratchet
  • Dielectric grease
  • Screwdriver – Phillips
  • Screwdriver – slotted
  • Torx driver – T10, T15, or T20

Where Can You Get Replacement Brake Lights?

If you are in a hurry and don’t feel confident making the big deal, many car service stations also offer brake and brake bulb replacement services, which you can easily find online by searching change brake lights near me in Maryland; however, you must know the basic things.

If you know how to change the brake clutch that you have learnt many years ago, replacing the brake light is no longer a task. Still, if you want to get it replaced by some mechanic, the Walmart auto service center is one of the finest choices to take your car for the services. You can also book an appointment to save your time.

Are there Different Bulbs for Brake Lights?

Brake lights have different bulbs for the corners. Brake light and tail lights have the exact location, but it is not usually the same bulb. The bulbs are obviously different for the taillights and brake lights. Many people get confused between the two, but the best thing is to analyze first which you want to replace.

Along with the brake lights, the vehicles have one tail light on each side to increase the view from the rear side for other drivers. So, it is necessary to check which brake light you are going to replace.

Change the Brake Light Step-by-Step

someone is changing the car brake light

Brake light bulb replacement is not a big deal. Here in this section, you will learn how to change brake light bulbs step-by-step. Not all vehicles follow the same steps, but these are general steps. If you get confused at any point, check the vehicle handbook to get complete guidance.

1) Remove the Light Housing

First of all, unscrew the light housing of the side you want to replace. The brake, tail and rear turn signals are primarily located in the same unit. When the screws are removed,   pull the housing unit out of the car. The housing unit will not be removed entirely due to the wiring but you can pull it out far enough to reach the unit’s bulbs located in the back. In some models of vehicles, lens covers can be removed making replacing the light bulbs easier.

2) Remove the Bulb Holder

Once the housing is removed, remove the burnt-out bulb with the plug. Twist it one-quarter of a turn as you are unscrewing it. Pull the plug out and get to your light bulb.

3) Replace the Bulb

In the third step, remove the old brake light bulb slowly. Check the new one and compare that with what you have to make the correct fitting of both bulbs. If the fitting is proper, insert the new bulb in the holder and ensure it is secure enough. Don’t touch the glass of the bulb as this can get damaged or affect the performance.

4) Reinsert the Bulb Holder

In the last step, reinsert the bulb holder in its place. Screw back the light housing unit to its original position and you are done. After completion, check the light a few times to see if it works well and is ready to start your next journey.

Yes, it is as easy as it is explained here. You merely need 30 minutes to replace your old brake light bulb without any external aid.

How much does it Cost to Change a Brake Light?

The brake light bulb replacement cost varies depending on the location and swapping out of one or both the lights. The price ranges from $20 to $159. The rates depend upon your car model and from where you get the services. Getting the brake light switch fixing may also cost you $80 with the bulb replacement. Performing such minor DIY tasks gives a little joy of achievement. It increases your confidence in yourself; therefore, you should know about such instructive tasks including the car battery guide.

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