Driving Tips for Beginners: Drive Like a Pro

Driving Tips for Beginners: Drive Like a Pro

Suppose you have just hit your 18, are looking for some driving lessons, and are anxious. In that case, it's fine to be anxious about driving for the first time because driving is overwhelming. It requires patience, practice, and proper guidelines about everything, like driving tips for beginners, car safety measures, winter driving safety tips, and a basic car maintenance guide. 

This complete guide is all about first-time driving tips. Once you have reviewed these suggested beginner tips, you will be more confident about driving like a pro. 

How Can a Beginner Learn to Drive?

Driving school students drawing traffic solution

There are many ways to learn to drive for beginners. Learning from a driving school is the most recommended way because it is not just about how to drive; it is also important to know all first-time driving tips along with basic road laws and traffic signs that need to be mastered. It is completely fine to learn it from a specific family member too. Suppose your family member has a driving license. In that case, you don't necessarily need to spend the fee of driving school because your family member would make you learn to drive with empathy in a friendly manner; moreover, you would also be confident and quick in learning all tips for a road trip driving a used car as well. 

How Many Driving Lessons Does a Beginner Need? 

Beginner need of driving lessons duration infographic

On average, a beginner needs 45-50 hours of driving lessons. The exact number of driving lessons varies from person to person. If a person is already aware of the basic car functions like clutch, gear, and brake - only 40 hours of driving lessons are enough. After knowing all beginner driving tips to become a good driver, it depends on practice. 

9 Top Driving Tips for Beginners

Here are the 9 beginner driving tips you must remember to master driving:

Remembering the Basic Car's Functions

Comfortable front seats in the car

Remembering the basic car's functions like clutch, brake, gear, indicators, etc., is among the most popular first-time driving tips. If you have already remembered all the functions, you may have extra confidence while sitting on the hot seat. 

Wearing Seatbelt

Putting On Safety Seatbelt

It should be your basic mantra to wear a seatbelt as soon as you sit in the driving seat. Wearing a seatbelt is among the most important tips on driving for beginners because it may protect you from any unfortunate event during a skirmish with another vehicle.

Holding Steer wheel Firmly

The person in charge

Beginners should always have both hands on the steering wheel all the time. As a beginner, you should not be relaxed while holding the steering wheel. Always keep your firm grip on the steering time. 

Adjusting Seat and Mirrors

Beautiful woman in the car

Adjusting the seat and mirrors according to height is among beginners' most important driving tips. Be as comfortable as possible while driving, and ensure your side mirrors provide you with most of the field. 

Staying Alert and Cautious

A young woman learning to drive a car.

It is an obvious driving tip for beginners that you must always stay alert and cautious. Only think about driving if you have taken your much-needed sleep. You should skip your driving lesson if your mind needs to be fully focused. 

Keeping Safe Distance 

Vehicles on the road

Keeping a safe distance is always helpful and works like a charm for beginners. Among the most recommended tips by the driving schools, you should have a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of your car, so you may have an extra second while applying emergency brakes.

Using Indicators

Woman driving car and using turn signal switch

Using indicators is a great way of hinting to your follower about which side you will go. If you give good indicators while making turns, your followers are always aware, and you are good to go safely. 

Following Speed Limit 

speed limit

Following speed limits is always helpful. The traffic monitoring team cautiously designs all speed limits after reviewing specific road conditions and surrounding society, and you should follow them strictly without any excuse. 

Practicing Defensive Driving

 beautiful scenic road seen from the car window

Life is uncertain, and so are used cars. That's why you should be prepared for every possibility while driving, from best to worst. If you are driving a used car, you must follow all used car driving test tips and tricks, so your used car won't fail you in such sudden scenarios where another used car driver may become in trouble. 

How Hard Is It to Drive for the First Time?

Everything is hard for the first time, and so is driving. Driving for the first time is an overwhelming experience because so much is happening simultaneously. Your brain keeps shuffling, and you get confused while changing gears, applying brakes, and taking turns; however, practice makes you perfect. Eventually, driving skill is added to your subconscious memory after several weeks of continuous practice. So, keep calm and learn to get a license to get prequalified for a used car test in Maryland


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