Bumble Auto End of Year Car Sales: December 2021

Bumble Auto End of Year Car Sales: December 2021

Do you know that there are best and worst months to buy a car? Well, the best time of the year to buy your favorite car is just around the corner. Yes! December it is. This is the time of the year when salespersons have to complete their yearly quotas and so they offer steep discounts.


The thing is that you shouldn’t expect massive savings as due to the pandemic situation and current shortage in supply chain markups; however, end-of-year car sales still offer the biggest discounts as compared to the normal rates every year.

Do Cars Go on Sale at the End of the Year?

Is there any best time to buy a new car? Well, yes. There are times when you are most likely to get your dreamy car in a money-saving deal. The end of the year is the best time to buy your new car. No matter when a new model of car is launched, fall is the season to get the car because the price break tends to increase before the fresh release of the car model with a few new features and new looks. 

Thus, according to industry experts, it’s cheaper to buy a car in the last months of the year due to some factors such as inventory update, quota coverage and financial calendars. 

Bumble Auto Car Deals for End of December 2021

December deals are at their peak for most of the car models of 2021. Bumble Autos car deals are also available for their customers with end of the year car sales 2021. A few of the car manufacturers offer huge discounts on the financing for a limited time, while others offer bonuses and incentives with cashback.

Let’s have a glance at the best car to buy in Maryland with great discounts.


2019 mercedes benz c class

Mercedes-Benz C-Class is available at the site in black color that is eye-catching with its exterior and modern design. The interior is in the right condition and the car has a transmission automatic 9-Spd 9G Tronic that is considered a potent engine. Furthermore, it has a complex infotainment interface and optional features. The whole package is available at a fair deal at a low price.

2019 Mercedes Benz C Class

See the year, make, model and price in details

2) 2018 FORD TRANSIT 250 VAN

2018 ford transit 250 van

No vehicle gets the job done like the 2018 Ford Transit 250 Van does. This versatile cargo van is specifically designed to handle the job of workload with three roof heights. It is available in grey color 250 Transit van that is best for larger families for road trips.

It always keeps you connected as you make your way to the job site with its 3 voice-activated technology and its compatibility with smartphone integration. Its price range starts from $33,000 but at Bumble Auto it is available at a fair deal. Check out the Transit-250 and grab the deal today.


See the year, make, model and price in details


2014 mercedes benz s class

2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class comes with first-class accommodation, a potent engine lineup, sublime ride quality and powerful smooth engines. It is one of the nicest cars in its class with high ownership costs but don’t need to worry at all because we have a 2014 Mercedes-Benz-S-Class in black color available in the used cars list in Columbia, Baltimore MD.


See the year, make, model and price in details


1990 mazda mx 5 miata

If you love classic cars, then this is the deal for you. 1990 MAZDA MIATA is available in eye-catching red color with 2D convertible trim. Both its interior and exterior are in red and it is the model of 1990. At Bumble Auto, you will find this classic car in a great deal in good condition.


See the year, make, model and price in details


2012 toyota tundra

Toyota has a name in the market as it is not only an old brand in the automotive industry but also has great customer feedback on the high-class models. Toyota Tundra Double Cab is a full-fledged deal with a beautiful eye-catching exterior, well-built interior and high engine power.

Used car market trends in 2022 are predicted as quite high due to the tough circumstances produced due to Covid. This is the opportunity for Toyota lovers to grab this deal of getting a hands-on black-colored double cab for only $22,555 available at Bumble Auto.


See the year, make, model and price in details

6) 2003 LEXUS SC

2003 lexus sc

Lexus SC is every car enthusiast’s choice with a sport-tuned suspension and 200-horsepower engine. It is a perfect combo of performance and refinement. Furthermore, it is fuel-efficient with an upscale interior feel. Do you want to get hands-on classy yet elegant Lexus SC 2003? Here is the best offer for you available for $20,995 at Bumble auto which is one of the best auto auctions in Baltimore MD.


See the year, make, model and price in details

7) 2016 Lexus LX

2016 lexus lx

Lexus has debuted LX for a long time. Now the people who are aware of this brand know its worth. UX concept depicts the brand’s determination that each model has a unique design, optional features and inside-out strong concept. 2016 Lexus UX is available in a black exterior color that looks graceful and gives a powerful appearance to the car. A Very good conditioned Lexus Lx is available, with a great discounted deal, at Bumble Auto.


See the year, make, model and price in details


2013 land rover range rover

Range Rover is one of the best cars that is still loved by the masses. It is one large luxury SUV that owns a powerful engine and standard four-wheel drive. 2013 Land Range Rover has high ownership costs but it is now available in a good deal for only $39,000 at Bumble Auto. 


See the year, make, model and price in details

9) 2008 BMW M3

2008 bmw m3

BMW M3 is a model that is popular among car enthusiasts. Typically, it isn’t discounted but this December BMW is available with a great discounted offer at Bumble auto. Undoubtedly, this is the best time to purchase the dreamy BMW M3 in white color. This deal is enough to have significant savings at the end of the year over the interest rates that you’d probably find at the banks.

2008 BMW M3

See the year, make, model and price in details


2019 cadillac escalade

2019 Cadillac Escalade stands ranks near the bottom of the large luxury SUV class. It is available in black color that gives it a strong look. Furthermore, it comes with a long-wheelbase ESV that has tons of room and plenty of other features. It is a comfortable ride with a quality cabin and three rows of seats that accommodate eight family members easily. Get this full-fledged package is only $28,550.


See the year, make, model and price in details

As used car market trends in 2022 are predicted high due to pandemic and lockdown situation. This is the best time to get hands-on with the used luxury vehicles available at quite reasonable prices at Bumble auto end of the year car deals. You may find other great deals and discounts on Bumble Auto by searching the “end of the year car sales near me” and get hands-on the deals going on in your vicinity.

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