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8 Best Car GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee 2022

8 Best Car GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee 2022

8 Best Car GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee 2022

GPS is among the most useful tools for any car in recent times. The Global Positioning System (GPS) helps with the positioning, navigation and timing. It keeps track of all the movements and positioning of a particular object to which it is attached. It is very helpful for the car owners as it provides them with theft protection and the safe navigation as well.

There is no doubt that GPS is a must-have device as it is always mentioned among the road trip tips ; however, many car owners hesitate while spending on this add-on and they clearly don’t know that a valuable GPS tracker is so helpful providing safe navigation, best route calculation, theft protection, movement alerting and so on.

What Is the Monthly Cost for a GPS Tracker?

It depends on the various functionalities of a GPS tracker and the company that is providing the GPS services. Usually, you have to pay for the GPS tracking device upfront and then you may need to pay the monthly subscription. Normally, the monthly subscription cost of a paid GPS tracker ranges between $8 to $40 depending upon the number of functionalities offered by that particular GPS tracker.

Is There a Free GPS Tracker?

Navigation on map

There are many apps providing the free GPS tracking services like Google maps and Family Link; however, if you want a 24/7 GPS tracking service using a dedicated hardware device then you need to pay for the GPS tracking device.

Here are some top 8 GPS trackers for cars that won’t need any monthly subscription fee; however, you just need to pay for their GPS tracking device for the one time.

Vync Pro 4G

Vync Pro 4G GPS tracker

If you really want to upgrade your car safety features then you should have this advanced GPS tracker for your car with no monthly fee. This Vync Pro 4G along with an OBD-II port connection won’t just offer the real time geofencing but its fast 4G connection also helps you with several other functions like your car’s speed alert, car’s fuel data and the mileage report as well. It may be expensive for some people but this one time spending can help you getting in depth geofencing reports, GPS reports, fuel/mileage reports and speed/brake/rapid acceleration alerts as well.


TKStar gps tracker 

It is surely among the best vehicle GPS trackers with no monthly fee because of its decent price and multiple features that are equally compatible with iOS and Android apps. It is a small and portable GPS tracking device that can provide multiple reports about real time GPS location, speed and mileage. Furthermore, it can also provide geo fencing and it can store a complete log of historical location data. You just have to pay for the compatible SIM card, the device and battery then you will be all set for a detailed car GPS tracking with no monthly fees.


Eilimy car gps tracker 

It is a magnetic GPS tracker that provides the basic car GPS tracking with no monthly fee; however, if you need some advanced functions then they may charge a monthly fee in an upgraded plan. It may also provide the detailed yearly reports on cloud storage that can be accessed anytime.

GPSit 1000BZL

GPSit 1000BZL tracker 

It is a comprehensive tracking device that can track the speed, mileage, idle time and then it can make a complete log as well. It is also compatible with LTE, so it works smoothly and you can easily get all the recent updates on your phone.


Bartun vehicle gps tracker

It is a magnetic GPS tracker for cars that requires no monthly fee. It can be installed quickly and you can easily track the specific car’s location on its own dedicated app. The megantic GPS tracker is also water resistant that makes it worthy for every season.

SinoTrack ST-901L

SinoTrack ST-901L car gps tracker

SinoTrack is a reliable brand and its ST-901 model is a reliable 4G GPS tracker that has many advanced features as well as geo fencing and remote tracking. You may also cut the engine off remotely by its smart SMS feature. You just need to buy this waterproof 4G tracker and a SIM to get free GPS tracking services.

Americaloc GL300W

Americalox GL300W tracker

It is a portable GPS tracker that requires no monthly fee or any contract changes. You just have to buy this portable device and you can have multi carrier coverage about the location of your car after every minute.


Invoxia gps tracker

Invoxia GPS tracker is a great device that helps in car GPS tracking with no monthly fees. Its notable feature is the movement alert which quickly sends the alert once the specific car is moved, so it is very handy in theft protection. Furthermore, its geo-fencing, real time GPS reporting, historical location data logging and SOS/Panic button is completely compatible with both iOs and Android.