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Are Automatic Car Washes Bad for Your Car?

Are Automatic Car Washes Bad for Your Car?

Are Automatic Car Washes Bad for Your Car?

Yes, automatic car washes are somewhat bad for your car because of their irregular brush sizes and poor maintenance of the brushes. Automatic car washes vs self service is an important discussion for the car owners because there is a risk of getting the car paint disturbed by the toxic brushes. There is a high demand for a used car in Columbia Md ; therefore, there are several car wash options available as well. The automatic brushes may put excessive pressure than required and may disturb the car paint. The automatic process may cause swirl marks or tiny scratches due to a mechanical pressure. If you have used any used car repair services in recent times, you should avoid the auto service process because it may disrupt the recent repair as well.It is obvious that when you plan a self service for your car, you do it with full care, love and attention. You won’t do any hustle or rough wash to get the job done quickly because there are some feelings attached with your car;however, automatic brushes have no sympathy for any car. They just do what they are supposed to do.


Problem made by auto car wash

Yes, there is a possibility that automatic car washes may damage your car by applying unnecessary pressure by the unregular brushes and the unreal wipes. Many people think that automatic car washes may damage the car screen or the car paint too. Therefore, it is always better to manage time for your beloved car and wash it gently with a clean and smooth towel.


Normally, automatic car washes don’t give the desired results;rather, they may disturb your car screen, sensor or paint. Many people argue that the brush size, brush quality or the brush hygiene standard won’t remain the same after some washes, so the automatic car washes are not much worthy when we compare automatic car wash vs self service. On the other hand, it is an undeniable fact that our lives have become a mess. We are highly busy these days, we can’t manage time always for the self service of our car. That’s why automatic washes are convenient if they are done by quality service providers who take regular care of their washing brushes.


It depends on several factors like a place to wash, the purpose of the wash, time span and the budget for the car wash. If you want to do it yourself with a minimum budget and you have enough time, then the manual handwash is the best option. There are other best car wash options depending on different situations. Have a look.


There are several car washes option nowadays. The major types of the car washes depending on their special features are listed below:


Wasing car with water pressure

Manual hand wash is the typical self service related to car wash. For this, you need to have a spare time, a proper place to wash and an enough supply of water to get the job done. You can simply use a custom towel or any clean soft cloth to rub the screen, so there won’t be any scratches. You can also check most useful tools for your car , if you are intended to prefer self service between the automatic car wash vs self service.


Mna washing the car manually

It is among the best possible options in case of a long trip. It is done by a spray bottle in which a cleaning rinse is poured. Let’s suppose, you have hired a used car and you are travelling alone. After some hours, your car becomes so dirty at distant places and you need to wash your car. Normally, people go to workshops but you need to do it yourself, since there is no helping hand in the surroundings. You have to go with a waterless wash. You can simply pour some spray on the car and wash it gently with a towel.


The car in automatic car wash

Automatic car wash is another advanced method for those people who don’t want to wash their cars themselves or they won’t have enough time to do it. They can simply choose the automatic wash option. There are several brushes involved in the automatic machinery covering the major parts that may get dirty. It is a quick process but it has some side effects. The bristles of the automatic machinery brushes become rusty and hazardous for the car paint due to abrasive grime and other chemicals. Moreover, during the pandemic, the whole car should be properly washed because there is a risk everywhere. So you should try to suggest the machine operator to focus on the most populated parts in the car during Covid19 pandemic .


Brushless car wash machine

It is presumably the best possible option among all four types of car washes because it is automatic and the hazardous yet irregular brushes are not involved, instead the pressurized air blowers are used for the dust removal. It may seem the perfect solution but it may not be efficient all the time because the air won’t be able to remove any stains or the birds’ shit on the screens with ease.