All about Used Car Loan in USA [Rates Included]

All about Used Car Loan in USA [Rates Included]

If you are willing to buy a used car but you are not confident about paying all the cash upfront in this, you must go with the car loan service in the USA. There is a guide for auto loans that majorly focuses on car loans for new cars but you should be aware that you can also take the car loans while buying used cars as well. There are several banks and credit unions that offer used car loans at their own specific rate and their rates majorly depend on your credit score.

Can You Get a Loan for a Used Car? 

Yes, there are multiple options to get a loan for a used car in the USA e.g. banks, credit union and online lenders etc. They all have their own specific roadmap to get a used car loan from them and they also have their own specific used car interest loan rates. Before finalizing a specific used car loan deal in the USA, you should be well aware about used car loan rates at US private banks, so you can compare the interest rate of car loans from multiple bank options in America.

How to Get a Loan for a Used Car in the US?

To get a loan for a used car in the US, you need to do some research about all the used car loan providers and their used car loans rates to choose the best for you. You should follow these simple steps to get a loan for a used car in America at the best possible rate for you.

1. Evaluate Your Credit Score

Credit score ranges, coins 

First of all, you need to evaluate your recent credit score before hunting the used car loan rates in America. You need to be sure that your credit report is a true reflection of your financial history and once you have evaluated your credit score, you may begin searching for the best loan option for a used car.

2. Find Reputable Lenders

Bank of America building 

Once you have evaluated your credit score, the next step is to find reputable lenders like Bank of America, credit union, online lenders, car dealerships and manufacturers. Know all about their preferred credit scores and other prerequisites; moreover, note down their used car loan rates in America. Shortlist some lenders that won’t forbid you to have a used car loan for your specific credit score.

3. Compare Shortlisted Lenders

Private lender, dollars on table

Once you have shortlisted some top lenders for you, you should compare their used car loan interest rates and their specific requirements like membership, downpayment and the guarantee etc. You should also consider the private lenders because they may give you best rates and the car trading option as well; therefore, you should also consider knowing about how to trade in car with a loan

4. Sign a Used Car Loan Deal

Signing a car loan deal 

Once you have gone through all the important steps of evaluating your credit score and finding the perfect lender with the lowest interest on a used car loan, sign a used car loan deal by paying the down payment and signing the contract.

Where Can I Get a Loan for a Used Car?

You can get a loan for a used car from banks, online lenders, credit unions, private lenders and car dealerships. Every lender has its own specific requirements and its own used car loan interest rate in America, so choose wisely after comparing their pros and cons.

Which Bank Is Best for Car Loans?

Bank of America! If you are specifically looking for a bank that is providing the best used car loan rates in the USA, then it is surely a BOA. It is available in more than 50 states of America providing one of the best APRs out there which is starting from just 4.89%. It provides extra discounts to the bank members and even the people with bad credit scores are not shown the door by Bank of America; however, BOA won’t finance the too old car and it is a having a higher APR than other credit unions but among the banks, BOA has the best used car loan rates in America.

Which Company Is Best for Used Car Loans in the US?

MyAutoLoan company banner 

If you are looking for a funding company for used car loans, then you must consider the MyAutoLoan. MyAutoLoan is the perfect company to have a loan for a used car in America because it has a smart online algorithm that won’t make you fill dozens of financing paperwork plus its APRs are quite competitive too - starting from just 4.24%. You just need to spend a few minutes about you, your age, your credit score and monthly salary. You may quickly get the 4 loan offers to choose from. Once you have chosen your most favorable loan offer, you may receive an online loan certificate that may be used to finance a used car.

What Is the Current Used Car Loan Interest Rate in the USA?

Currently, the average used car loan interest rate in America has been moving down since the mid of 2022. Starting used car loan interest rate is decreased from 4.6% to 4.3% Remember that the used car loan interest rate in the USA depends on your credit score and your lender whether it is a bank, credit union, dealership or an online lender.

Following are one of the top lenders among their specific domains: 

🟡 Currently the Bank of America is offering a used car loan at an interest rate of 4.89% APR,

🟡 MyAutoLoan is offering a used car loan at an interest rate of 4.24% APR, 

🟡 PenFed Credit Union is offering a used car loan at an interest rate of 5.64% APR.


There is no shame in considering the car loan for a used car and there are multiple lenders out there providing auto loans to the bad credit scorers as well (at a higher APR). Banks, funding companies, credit unions and car dealerships are all providing the used car loans at their own specific APRs and preferred criteria of credit scores and monthly salary of the applicant. Our free online used car financing calculator may also help you to get an expected used car loan rate based on your credit score, monthly salary and down payment etc.  


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