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5 Best Public Auto Auctions in Baltimore

5 Best Public Auto Auctions in Baltimore

5 Best Public Auto Auctions in Baltimore

If you are planning to buy a used car in Columbia MD or you are searching “auto auctions near me” while sitting near Columbia MD, Baltimore or Maryland, you should go through the whole article, as there are listed top 5 best auto auctions from Baltimore and Maryland. You can easily choose your favorite best car dealer in Baltimore of Maryland after consulting this complete article. These top auto auctions in Maryland and Baltimore offer you a feasible and affordable service to buy the used car and sell your car in Columbia MD too.

Following are the top 5 public auto auctions in Baltimore and Maryland.

  • Auto Auctions Baltimore
  • Copart Auto Auctions
  • Premier Public Auto Auctions
  • BSC America (Car and Truck Auctions)
  • Insurance Auto Auctions

All these auto auctions are not listed in any particular ranking order. All these 5 are among the top auto auctions from Maryland and Baltimore based on Google public reviews by customers. Let’s explore each auto auction and their profile plus services. Make sure to check the expected price for any specific car from any online car finance calculator before taking part in any auction.


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The Auto Auctions Baltimore is providing a unique auto auction facility as it is the only company in Baltimore that offers the good engine and transmission guarantee at the auctioned cars. It is very rare because all the public auctions claim that you should buy a car at your own risk and you should check it before bidding.

Their bidding registration process is quite simple by just submitting your driver’s license and the ID card with just a $300 deposit. The same-deposited fund is refunded if your bid is rejected or this deposited fee is added to your buying balance if your bid is accepted.


Capart auto auction is among the most famous public auto auctions in Maryland. You can visit any day to preview the cars and their auction process. Their support team is always there to assist you and show you the notes list of all the available vehicles for auctions with full details. You can visit their website anytime to check all the running auctions and you can join any auction. Their website is quite easy to understand and navigate.


Premier Public Auto Auctions are one of the leading auto auctions near Baltimore and Maryland. They have an open invitation for all public to bid in their public auction event; however, the bidders must book their registration and have their bidder car at the time of auction.

If you are willing to buy from the public auto auctions, to get registered in the public auto auction, you must have a valid driver license and you must deposit some cash around $400 as an entry fee. You must check the concerned car before the bidding starts and you can bid for a specific car. If you win the bid, you have to pay the full amount and you have to take your car before the upcoming Tuesday.

If you want to sell your car at public auctions, you should deposit a $50 run fee and your car will be listed in upcoming public auctions next week. If your car will not be sold, you have to redeposit a $50 run fee. Make sure that your car’s insurance papers and licenses are clear and it has an open title.


BSC is a leading brand that deals with auto auctions in Maryland and Baltimore. BSC deals with almost each type of auto auctions of Baltimore and Maryland. The public auctions of BSC include the used cars as well as the trucks. The BSC not only lists the automobiles in the auctions but it also provides the services associated with the public auctions like transporting the concerned vehicles to the auction place, reconditioning of the cars, title clearance and online inventory management.

Those people who wish to buy from BSC public auto auctions in Maryland, they have to deposit $1000 for each car to bid on. To register, you need all your personal verified data including driver’s license and federally accepted form. If you win the bid, you have to pay the full amount till 4 PM on the same day. All the vehicles are as-it-is, you have to inspect before bidding.


Insurance Auto Auctions (IAA) is one of the leading digital market companies that connects the buyers and sellers in an efficient manner. They also provide the auto auctions services in Maryland and Baltimore. The public auto auctions of IAA are a great source of getting used cars at a wholesale price.

If you want to buy any selected car from their auctions, you have to register and you have to submit your all the concerned documents online and you have to upgrade your membership on their digital platforms to be eligible in the public auctions.