10 Best Websites and Apps to Search for Used Cars in U.S

10 Best Websites and Apps to Search for Used Cars in U.S

Are you a car enthusiast and love changing your car now and later, have new experiences of different models of cars? then you are at the right place. Now you can find about used car finders from the comfort of your home. Nowadays, with the technology advancements, everything is available at your click. You can also surf the internet to explore how to find a valid car dealer site from your smartphone or laptop. You don’t need to drive miles to meet car dealers and spend expenses and energies on getting the right car for you.

Here, in this article, we will discuss the best used car finder apps, used car finder websites, and the do’s to consider when buying a used car.


Some new apps and websites connect the customers and car dealers and work as used car finders. If you are looking to buy, sell or just compare the prices of used cars then these are the best-used car finder apps and websites:


CarGurus website logo

CarGurus was created in 2006 by TripAdvisor, co-founder Langley Steinert, to connect dealers with customers and posting queries and reviews by locals. It was meant primarily for comparing vehicles with advanced research tools to accurately access a vehicle’s true market value.

You may consider it as a best used car finder website or app. Another advantage of surfing on cargurus.com is the test drive reviews from consumers that help you to get an idea about the car you are looking for before even stepping your foot in the dealership. Many other benefits of using this used car finder website include:

  1. Free advertisements
  2. Advanced research tools
  3. Question and answer board
  4. Local market price analysis


AutoTrader logo zoom

AutoTrader is one of the oldest and best-used car finder sites that started back in 1997 and now has over 3 million car listings drawn from 40,000 dealers and 250,000 private sellers. It has car finding filters that help you to narrow down your research along with car finding, financing and insurance tools.

This site offers the filters that users select to find the used cars by certain criteria including the car mileage, exterior, interior, car model, car color, transmission type and many more.


Cars.com website on explorer

Cars.com is one of the fine-used car finder sites. It is owned by the largest newspaper publisher in the U.S, the Gannet Company. This website has car listings for approximately every car model and has an advanced tool that rates the used cars for sales relative to the market trends.

Cars.com offers extensive sorting options that can be used for checking the cars according to their features and specs. It has likewise extended options to get estimation about your car repairing parts, reselling your used car and surfing the local listings of used cars in Columbia MD.


Carsdirect website home page

CarsDirect.com has the simplest dashboard to surf the website that makes it the best choice for car buyers and sellers. CarsDirect is the first website launched in 1998 that allowed the dealers to connect with the car buyers directly.

This is the simplest used car finder site that shows listings from local dealers and the best deals in the buyer’s area to make it easy to choose according to the buyer’s budget. CarsDirect offers the following advantages for its users:

  1. Educational videos
  2. Updates on car models
  3. Car reviews, news and reports
  4. Useful buyer’s guides for car buyers


Autotempest website home page

AutoTempest works similarly to other car searching websites and apps but it has an additional option for saving the searches for repeated use. It offers up-to-date blogs, car reviews and buyer guides making it easier to find the dream car.

There are many benefits of buying a used car including extra-ordinary featured cars at comparatively low prices, advanced technology options and the freedom to change the car whenever needed. AutoTempest offers compiled listings from the largest car websites to the buyer and provides buyer guides on smart search pages.


Carvana website home

Carvana is an exceptional used car finder website that offers a seven-day money back guarantee and you can have your car at the doorstep. This website doesn’t benefit dealers and deals itself with the buyers. The buyers can search the car on the website narrowing down the car searched by name, model, color and mileage of the car.

Carvana.com provides aid in every step of the car buying process and either you can pick your car from Carvana’s vending machines or they can directly deliver the car to your doorstep.


Ebay motors website

eBay motors website and app are among the best auto auctions in Baltimore MD. This is a versatile site that not only showcases the used cars but also presents new cars. It has broad listings of classical cars and is a wonderful source of getting hands on a sports car for car racers.

eBay Motors claims that it sells the best cars and trucks listed by dealers and private sellers for classified style- car listings.


Edmunds website

Edmunds.com is one of the oldest and best-used car finder sites and it has earned a lot of respect in the industry because of its appealing services in the marketplace. Edmunds offers a great variety of listings and provides save and favorite search options.

It has broader options to educate the masses about the recent car launches and updates by relevant automotive industry articles and blog posts, making it easier for new users to know the field before buying the cars.


TrueCar website page

TrueCar is a great option that I use as a used car finder near me here in the US. It provides detailed automotive information about old and new cars, their recent models and prices. Over 12,000 certified dealerships are available on this site that offer discounted rates, including many incentives on car accessories.

True to its name, TrueCar offers the discounted rates you will ever find on the online car marketplace. Unlike other websites, it doesn’t sell cars directly but helps you find the best deal according to your budget and requirements.


CarMax website

Carmax specializes in high-quality certified preloved cars that are easily available at a single click. This website offers a car warranty and provides buyers with killer deals. Those peple who are looking forward to get a car from the comfort of their couch with no hustle of test-driving can easily browse and buy the car online with carmax.com.

There is also an important caution that there are many scammers and frauds too.


Always check the website reviews before starting a deal to refrain from car frauds. Always do a well research about the site, check the history and reviews before making a deal and investing your hard-earned money.


There are thousands of car selling and buying websites, as many as there are dealers and buyers nationwide. AutoTrader is one of the oldest and legit used car finder sites that stands out of all because of its broader listings and great repute of used car selling online. For simplified car shopping, CarsDirect is the best option to go. Likewise, CarGurus offer the best deals for the buyers to find the best value for their money.


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