Is It Worth Fixing a Used Car or Trading In?

Is It Worth Fixing a Used Car or Trading In?

It depends on your car’s current situation plus your financial situation and your preferences whether you should go for repair or replace the car. The car repair and maintenance are good for those people whose car is running good but just require smaller adjustments; however, if the used car is giving you a headache of being so inconsistent and unreliable these days, you can choose to trade in or replace your car. 

What is the Difference between Repair and Replace a Used Car?

Repairing a used car means to get your car repaired from a mechanic to fix some of the faults while replacing a used car means to sell your used car due to some continuous occurring problems in your used car or due to some other reasons like upgrading your car for enjoying a newer technology. 

Which is Better - Repair or Replace a Used Car?

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There are several points to be focused on before making a stand between repair or replacement of a used car, because there are several pros and cons associated with the used car repair and maintenance, on the other hand, there are also some tough liabilities and formalities in buying a new or used car along with a trade in option. 

Many people may argue that they must repair your car for slight adjustments against a few bucks because they have already maintained their car in good shape by following all the car maintenance tips while others may still prefer to replace or go for a trade in option. There are some major car trade-in tips to know whatever suits you better. 

Following is a comparison chart between the favorable arguments related to the repair or replace option for a used car. 


Repair Replace
Smaller amount needs to be used to repair a used car.  A larger amount at once is needed to replace a used car with a new one.
Repairing a car won’t force you and extra loan cost unlike the trade in option.  Replacing or trading in your used car may cause you to sign a new loan deal. 
Repairing a car does not assure you the same quality ride as it was before the problem.  Replacing a car may give you more comfortable ride than a used car
Repairing a used car won’t give you the latest features.  Replacing a used car with a newer one assures you to have the latest technology. 
There may be some sentiments attached to your current car so it may not be replaced.  Some newer cars are providing extra safety measures like back mirror and safety bags. 

How Much Should You Spend on Car Repairs?

If you want your car to be in a good shape, try to set a monthly budget to be spent on car repairs. In our expert car repair in Columbia MD we suggest our clients to set a monthly budget around $150 to get their car in good shape. Otherwise you may end up facing your car at worst condition at a sudden point where trading or replacing your car would seem a better option. 

However, If you insist on repairing your car;remember, you need to set a threshold of spending on car repairs. Otherwise, you would feel guilty of spending much on car repairs instead of replacing a car. 

Is It Cheaper to Repair or Replace a Car?

Normally, repairing a car is always cheaper than replacing any car with a new one. There are some extra formalities (like registration fee and a named license fee or newer loan deal) attached with buying a new car or trading in a new car. Therefore, repairing a car may seem always cheaper than replacing a car.

When Should You NOT Repair Your Car?

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You may always be looking to repair your car instead of replacing it with a newer one;however, there are some certain conditions in which you have to replace the car instead of repairing it further. 

  • Your car is too old to repair. 
  • Your car has already crossed the suggested car mileage over the years and now it may break down anytime;hence, it is not less than a liability, please replace it ASAP. 
  • The repair cost is too much. For Example a blown motor or failed transmission would cost you around $4000. You can easily make a down payment for a new car having better technology. 

Repairing a car or going in for a car trade in option is a smart choice to make by observing your financial situations, your savings, your preferences and your car insurance of course. If your car is too old to repair and If you look to trade in a car in Washington DC but you can’t find yourself comfortable with the process, there is a detailed content containing an enrichment about all you need to know for first car trade in

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