Can You Return a Financed Car Back to the Dealer?

Can You Return a Financed Car Back to the Dealer?

People often get confused about how to return a financed car. They don’t know the exact answer to whether they can return a financed car after signing a dealership contract or not. Normally, the sponsored cars and the cars on loan are not returned but if someone may have a problem in paying the loan or if he has changed his mind about buying a specific financed car, he has to find a solution to return it or cancel the deal which is quite difficult. So, you need to understand everything about a financed car, return policy and the ways to return a car or cancel the contract.

Can You Return a Financed Car?

It is one of the most common questions related to a financed car but, unfortunately, it pops up in a buyer’s mind after signing a contract with a dealer. That’s why it seems a huge problem because once the contract is signed, then it depends on the dealer whether he wants to cancel the contract or not.
Some dealers and companies offer the return policy. You should always ask about the return policy before signing a dealership contract. You should consider the companies like CarMax that offer the return policy after a specific time.

How to Return a Financed Car?

Writing a car finance contract

If the car dealer has a return policy, then there is not much problem but if you are not able to claim any refund policy, then you need to find the alternatives of returning a financed car. Obviously, these alternatives would not give you 100% favour but you would get rid of an unwanted car or contract by conceding a specific penalty.
Following are some of the alternatives of returning a financed car:

1. Trade in With Other Financed Car

If you just want to return a car just because you are not interested in a specific model aymore. You can always discuss with the finance service providers about your favorite model and you can always negotiate about the trade in option. You need to visit any used car finance services in Columbia MD to check for your favorite car.

2. Refinancing the Car Loans

If you are not able to afford the loan installments then you need to visit the dealer and negotiate about the loan contract. You should ask for a refinanced loan deal including a longer loan period with an affordable installments. It would be an easy approach to clear the full payment but you would pay some extra amount after refinanced deal with a new interest rate.

3. Selling the Financed Car

You should try to sell the car to the dealers to get rid of an unwanted contract right away. Thus, you can get rid of a financed car but you would face a massive price depreciation because the dealers won’t buy it at the same price as it was being sold.

4. Finding Potential Volunteers for Repossession

If the dealers are not letting you return a financed car by any means, you need to find any potential volunteer to buy a possession of your financed car. That volunteer would be responsible for the remaining loan and then he would be able to possess the car. It is a minimal penalty but it is a risky approach because the documentation of all loan payments are already done under your name, so you need to find any trusted and gentle volunteer to repossess your car.

Can I Return a Car and Get My Down Payment Back?

Getting the car payment back

Unfortunately, you are not supposed to get your down payment back in normal situations;however, if you have already made a deal that the dealer would return your down payment while returning the car, you can get your down payment back while returning a financed car.

Return Financed Car Without Penalty

If a penalty is taken as a legal action, it may be avoided by negotiations with the financers.;however, getting rid of the price devaluation of your financed car is inevitable. It is everybody’s dream to return a financed car without penalty because people return the financed car due to some solid reason. They may not be able to afford the loan payment anymore due to the bad financial condition. That’s why they want to return a car without any penalty. Unfortunately, it is not possible; although you have multiple options like trade in your car or resell it to another person who would be taking care of whole loan but you would still not get your down payment back or you would not be able to get the desired price if you would retrade it or resell it to the same dealer. That’s why, it is highly advisable to consult a detailed financial plan including the altering interest rates, over the years, and the worst cases before buying a financed car.

We hope this article has answered some of your most important questions about returning a financed car. If you any other question and problem, please left it s a comment here and give us the chance to answer it.

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